Where’s the outrage? (w/Norfolk update)

Am I the only one with anger-management issues around here?

Second base umpire Rob Drake calls Corey Patterson out on Miguel Tejada’s grounder to short, which would be fine if Freddy Sanchez had been within 12 feet of the bag when he took the throw. But since he wasn’t, it rates as one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen.

The Giants turned the double play, which never should have happened, and interim manager Juan Samuel bolted from the dugout.

Samuel protested briefly and went back to the bench.

Me? I would have gotten my money’s worth. I’d still be out there. I’d let the frustration of 63 games seep from my pores. Ballpark security would have needed to tackle me like Ray Lewis. I would have uprooted second base and sailed it like one of Barry Bonds’ home runs.

For the love of Earl Weaver, just tear into somebody - or a rule book - and stop taking it lying down.

Chris Tillman lasted only two innings tonight. That’s a pretty fast hook, but Samuel must have sensed that it wouldn’t get any better with Tillman’s velocity and location lacking.

Down on the farm, Armando Gabino allowed two runs over six innings and left with a 2.62 ERA in Triple-A Norfolk’s 6-3 win over Columbus.

Josh Bell hit his seventh home run and drove in two runs, leaving his average at .269. Robert Andino went 2-for-5 with three RBIs. Nolan Reimold, starting again in left field, was 1-for-3 with an RBI.

Dennis Sarfate picked up his eighth save with two scoreless innings, striking out two. His fastball topped out at 97 mph.

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