Dempsey interviews; More on Bell

Rick Dempsey spent two hours at Peter Angelos’ law office interviewing for the manager’s job.

President of baseball operations Andy MacPhail and General Counsel Russell Smouse attended the interview. Angelos was not there.

“I thoroughly enjoyed it,” said Dempsey, a former catcher and coach with the Orioles who currently serves as a MASN analyst.

“It was a simple process with good questions, and I thought I answered them as well as I could.”

Dempsey, who has interviewed on three previous occasions without getting the job, wasn’t given a timetable for the latest hire.

“I was told there could be a long way to go, with the possibility of many other interviews,” he said.

“I’m very happy to have my say, and even if I don’t get the job, I hope the information I provided and the things I said will help the next guy get this organization back on the right track.”

Meanwhile, Josh Bell is in tonight’s lineup, wearing No. 25, but he might not be with the club for long.

Bell could be optioned once Felix Pie comes off the disabled list, a move that’s expected to transpire when the Orioles arrive in Detroit for a three-game series that begins on Monday.

“He’s only going to be here, hopefully, for a short period of time,” interim manager Juan Samuel said.

Samuel added with a smile that Bell could go 4-for-4 and change those plans.

“He’s going to get a little taste and see what the big leagues are all about,” Samuel said.

“He was told that it could be short. He understands that, but again, those things can change. We have to see how things develop. We feel that was the guy who could play third base and we could probably use him in the DH spot if Miggi gets back in there. That’s why we made that decision.”

Luke Scott will report to the minor league facility in Sarasota this weekend and begin rehabbing his injured left hamstring.

Felix Pie is here and ready to play, but the Orioles want him to start four or five games in left field on his injury rehab assignment before activating him. That means another trip south to Bowie.

Miguel Tejada is serving as the DH tonight to rest his legs. Samuel wanted to give him a day off in San Diego. This is pretty close to one, at least by Tejada’s standards.

“We were trying to give him an off day when we faced (Jon) Garland. He said, ‘No, not today.’ I think tonight was the right time to do it,” Samuel said.

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