Still waiting for kickoff

Am I the only person who slept through last night’s earthquake?

A text message woke me at 4:30 a.m., but I didn’t budge during a quake. I don’t understand it, either.

I’ll be heading to the ballpark in an hour. I want to make sure that the temperature is deep in the 90s before I enter the press box.

Later, I’ll join Steve Melewski for the pre- and post-game shows on 105.7 The Fan. You can find us at the Bud Light Warehouse Bar from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

I heard “fan” and quickly volunteered. Or maybe it was “Bud Light.”

Interim manager Juan Samuel can update us on the injured Orioles and their rehab schedules. If you’re attending tonight’s game at Triple-A Norfolk, let me know how Michael Gonzalez looks on the hill.

I’ll try to find out whether Lou Montanez is still in the organization. Last time I checked, he was on the disabled list.

My main interest in the second half centers around the young starting pitchers, and that includes Zach Britton, who could log some major league innings before being shut down.

We’ll also continue to wait for a new manager to be hired. It’s not happening this weekend, despite all the speculation.

The non-waiver trade deadline also looms, which diverts our attention for a few days.

Ty Wigginton has been my first pick to depart, followed closely by Kevin Millwood. However, Millwood’s injury and ineffectiveness leaves me less convinced that he’ll be moved by July 31. It could still happen, but his seeding is lowered on my bracket.

It would be nice for the Orioles to stay on a roll after sweeping four games from Texas, but the layoff probably didn’t do them any favors. And momentum in baseball is the next day’s starting pitcher.

The Pirates are one game better than the Orioles. Maybe I’ll start running a chart.

I’ll pass along the lineup once it’s posted, and anything interesting that comes out of Samuel’s pre-game session with the media. I’m pretty sure that I can find Camden Yards, though it’s been a while.

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