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Deciding the top DH for 2010

The Edgar Martinez Outstanding Designated Hitter Award will be presented next month, which makes sense, considering that we’re down to our final day of this month. Happy Halloween. The two leading candidates are Vladimir Guerrero and David Ortiz. One player looked like he was finished and didn’t draw a tremendous amount of interest on the free agent market. The other player looked like he was

Naka...Naka...not gonna give up

Just when you thought it was safe... You’ll recall that I passed along a tweet yesterday from Patrick Newman at NPB Tracker that said Japanese shortstop Hiroyuki Nakajima wouldn’t be posted, and therefore wouldn’t be allowed to play in the majors next season. Here’s the latest tweet - I just pounded my fist on the kitchen table - from Newman: “Despite announcement, Nakajima not giving

An entirely new staff in 2011?

The early projections among members of the media had manager Buck Showalter keeping a few of the holdovers on his coaching staff and going outside the organization to fill the remaining spots. As the process dragged out, reporters began to wonder whether most, if not all, of the coaches on the Orioles’ payroll would return. As you survey the landscape this morning, it’s fair to

Presley to be named hitting coach

The Orioles aren’t ready to announce their coaching staff, but Jim Presley is set to replace Terry Crowley as hitting coach. An industry source said it’s a done deal, though Presley has received offers from “two or three clubs.” This news coincides with an early report from MLB.com. Manager Buck Showalter, driving back to Baltimore from the ESPN studios in Bristol, Conn., would only confirm

Naka...Naka...not coming to the U.S.

That’s probably the last time I can use this joke for a while. You’re officially spared. According to a tweet from Patrick Newman of NPB Tracker, Japanese shortstop Hiroyuki Nakajima won’t be posted. That means he won’t be free to sign with a major league team. The tweet - there’s that word again- reads as follows: “Official -- Nakajima posting denied” The Orioles were counted

Matusz and Tillman ready to work

In three more days, left-hander Brian Matusz will begin working out again at Athletes’ Performance Institute. But this time, he’ll have a new partner in a new location. Chris Tillman is joining Matusz at the Carson, Ca. facility. In the past, Matusz has reported to the API in Phoenix. “They’re all the same, the same philosophy,” Matusz said. “From what I hear, a few more

Statement from O’s regarding spring facility

It speaks for itself: “Earlier today, the Florida Supreme Court affirmed the Orioles’ spring training agreement with Sarasota County and completely validated the County process and the issuance of the construction bonds. In doing so, the Florida Supreme Court dismissed all of the plaintiffs’ claims against Sarasota County and the named County Commissioners. The Orioles’ confidence in Sarasota County has yet again been reaffirmed by

Buying Bonds as a hitting coach?

I don’t know if you’ve heard the news, but Barry Bonds told reporters in San Francisco last night that he wants to return to baseball as a hitting coach. The Orioles won’t include him on their list of candidates, but he’s out there. Bonds never officially retired, but he’s ready to move onto the next phase of his professional life. Says so right here. “I

Matusz endorses Kranitz’s return

Today’s lone reference to the coaching staff, barring an unexpected announcement, comes via left-hander Brian Matusz, who strongly endorses the return of pitching coach Rick Kranitz. You’ll keep hearing names attached to various positions on the staff. By my conservative estimation, the total will rise to 4,000 before the Orioles issue their press release. Each day, another friend of Buck Showalter or an instructor at

Orioles release spring schedule

The Orioles will play nine different teams in Sarasota next spring, and will host the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh Pirates and Detroit Tigers twice at Ed Smith Stadium. The Minnesota Twins will make three trips to Sarasota, and the Tampa Bay Rays, Houston Astros and Toronto Blue Jays will each make one visit. Here it is: Monday, February 28: Pittsburgh

Talking about Bordick, Down and Allenson

The Orioles are getting closer to finalizing their coaching staff and making the grand announcement. I’m not carting around my laptop today, but some of the “moving parts,” as manager Buck Showalter likes to call them, are slowing down. I wrote yesterday that former shortstop Mike Bordick would be willing to listen if the Orioles offered a coaching position, but he expects to continue working

Crow changing roles; what about Bordy?

The Sun is reporting, through unnamed sources, that Terry Crowley has accepted a position as an “organizational-wide offensive evaluator,” which also leaves the Orioles in the market for a hitting coach. This is an interesting reversal from Crowley, who had agreed to return as hitting coach next season. I’m told he was given the option by manager Buck Showalter and accepted it, but three weeks

Grover’s birthday

Actually, this blog entry is brought to you by the letter H, for “Hargrove.” I’m sending out warm birthday wishes to former Orioles manager Mike Hargrove, who turned 61 today. Grover managed the Orioles for four seasons after guiding the Indians to five consecutive AL Central titles and two appearances in the World Series. If I’m Hargrove, I’m not taking Jose Mesa’s calls. Hargrove never

Still waiting and wondering

Maybe this will be the day that someone returns a phone call, text message or e-mail. Well, someone besides the electrician who’s stopping by my house to check on my smoke detectors. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and concerns. They were greatly appreciated. Too bad this electrician isn’t a possibility to serve on manager Buck Showalter’s coaching staff. The guy spoke to me twice

More pitching coaches needed

It didn’t take long for the Yankees to react to their ouster from the ALCS. They fired pitching coach Dave Eiland today. Somebody had to be the scapegoat. General manager Brian Cashman refused to provide any reasons, but my guess is he wasn’t happy with the pitching. The Red Sox also are in the market for a pitching coach after John Farrell was named Blue

Werth every penny

In case you skipped last night’s Packers-Vikings game, you missed this exchange between sideline reporter Andrea Kremer and Green Bay receiver Donald Driver: Kremer: “What’s the team have to do to get back in the win column?” Driver: “Just win.” Back to you. Former Ravens cornerback Frank Walker was called for defensive holding. No, seriously. But he didn’t climb up a receiver’s back and wrestle

The Happy Slacker

So much for my Yankees-Phillies prediction. I really liked the Phillies to win it all. Then again, I also liked New Coke, so don’t go by me. I’m glad that Aubrey Huff, dubbed the “Happy Slacker” by Sun columnist Peter Schmuck, is getting a chance to play in the World Series. It looked like he could barely choke back the tears last night. You’d be

Should Kranitz return?

My thermostat says it’s 63 degrees. I don’t want to turn on my heat yet...but my thermostat says it’s 63 degrees. Should we hold a moment of silence for the Yankees? I didn’t think so. Alex Rodriguez taking a called third strike to end the ALCS brought a smile to my face. I won’t lie. Is there any doubt that the Yankees will throw about

Should Orioles consider Mark Reynolds?

This is the time of year when we suggest ways that the Orioles can improve their roster. We know the needs, but who fills them? Third baseman Brandon Inge is off the market after signing a two-year extension with the Tigers. I’m not sure how many of you had penciled him into your Opening Day lineup. So what about Mark Reynolds? I bring up his

Angelos, MacPhail and Showalter meet

Not much to report on today’s meeting that took place with majority owner Peter Angelos, president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail and manager Buck Showalter. MacPhail confirmed that it took place, but wouldn’t provide any details. This meeting is held every October, though the manager isn’t always present. They review the past season and hold their first formal discussion about where to go from here.

Some spring training dates

It’s never too early to look ahead to spring training. It enables me to skip winter and avoid that snow shovel. A few teams have released tentative schedules for exhibition games, and you can find a master Grapefruit League schedule right here. The Orioles play the Phillies March 8 in Clearwater and March 11 and 19 in Sarasota. They play the Astros March 12 in

Allenson, Matusz, Tillman, etc. (updated)

Did you see the report coming out of Peru about a coach from Sport Ancash, a professional soccer team, being accused of giving players from Hijos de Acosvinchos tainted water that resulted in their on-field collapse during a recent game? Poisoning the other team and causing a collapse? Maybe that explains the 2-16 start. I promised myself that I wouldn’t mention the Orioles’ coaching staff

Is Nakajima staying in Japan?

I’m not a big Twitter guy, as you might have figured out, but I signed up so I could check the tweets - ugh - on NPB Tracker. Here’s one of the first tweets - dear Lord - that I stumbled upon: “Looks like Seibu is not going to post Nakajima” That’s 28-year-old Japanese shortstop Hiroyuki Nakajima, who has been heavily scouted by the Orioles.

Deja vu all over again

First it’s June Cleaver, now Howard Cunningham. This hasn’t been a good week for TV parents. If Rob Petrie dies, I’ll stay curled up in a ball for weeks. A Yankee hits a long fly ball, the right fielder appears to be camped under it at the fence, and a fan reaches out and deflects it. Like that would ever happen in a playoff game.

Today’s flashback

Baseball America’s Matt Eddy released the latest list of minor league free agents, one of my favorite features from the publication. Eddy reported that the Orioles re-signed pitcher Raul Rivero, so everyone can relax. Actually, Rivero was 4-3 with a 3.06 ERA in 37 relief appearances - 22 with Single-A Frederick and 15 with Double-A Bowie. The Giants allowed pitcher Denny Bautista to become a

Items and questions

So when is Cliff Lee going to start dialing it up for the postseason? On my list of dream jobs, I’m adding “Cliff Lee’s agent.” To make room, I’m removing “Aubrey Huff’s towel boy.” Again, we’re onto something here: Name your ideal sports job, and one that you’d find least appealing. I no longer have any interest in airbrushing Brett Favre’s photos. Bob Dutton of

Adams honored (w/AFL update)

Orioles infield prospect Ryan Adams and the Angels’ Brandon Wood were named co-Players of the Week in the Arizona Fall League. Both third basemen collected at least one hit and an RBI in every game last week. Adams, the Orioles’ second-round pick in the 2006 draft, batted .500 (6-for-12) with a one home run, seven RBIs and two runs scored. Adams hit .298 with 43

Staff injections

There’s a chill in the air this morning, which reminds me that winter is right around the corner. And my snow shovel is down in my laundry room, propped up against a wall and mocking me at every opportunity. I really need to buy gloves, but I’m not ready to concede that summer is over. I’ll be playing tennis again and sitting outside with a

Should the Orioles pursue Greinke?

Not much to say about the Orioles today, so let’s talk about another team’s player. Anybody want Zack Greinke? He’s got two years and $27 million left on his contract and he’s reportedly available - a status that seems to change daily. Here’s the breakdown on his contract, courtesy of Cot’s: Signed extension with Kansas City on 1/26/09 (avoided arbitration) 09:$3.75M, 10:$7.25M, 11:$13.5M, 12:$13.5M Limited

A note of thanks from No. 22

It wasn’t my birthday, but I received a nice surprise a few minutes ago. Jim Palmer submitted a comment to the blog that I wanted to post here, in case anyone missed it. As I always say, you never know who’s reading. Roch, thanks for the kind words and birthday wishes. Please thank all your Oriole blogger fans for their gracious comments. Your blog and

This, that & the other

The Orioles were well-represented last night in the Arizona Fall League. Xavier Avery, leading off and playing center field, went 4-for-5 with a walk, stolen base and three runs scored in Scottsdale’s 11-4 victory over Phoenix. I’m told that Avery is widely considered the fastest player in the AFL. Ryan Adams, starting again at third base, went 2-for-5 with two RBIs and a run scored.

Birthday Cakes

Jim Palmer is 65 today. How is this happening? If he’s 65, that means we’re all growing older, and that’s not possible. I didn’t sign any papers allowing it. I’ll hire a Dream Team of lawyers and fight it in court. They can’t do this to us. I’ll always feel a certain connection to “Cakes” because he pitched in the first game I ever attended

Quick AFL update

Reliever Kam Mickolio allowed one hit, threw a wild pitch and struck out two batters in one inning for the Scottsdale Scorpions of the Arizona Fall League. Twelve of his 16 pitches were strikes. The Scorpions are trailing the Phoenix Desert Dogs, 2-0, in the sixth inning. Xavier Avery and Greg Miclat are a combined 0-for-5. More important, I wonder what Phoenix’s mascot would look

A little housekeeping

The most important item first: Longtime umpires attendant Ernie Tyler remains hospitalized at the University of Maryland Medical Center after undergoing successful surgery on Oct. 6 to remove a benign brain tumor, but a team official tells me that doctors are pleased with his progress. We still don’t know when they’ll allow Tyler to return home, but his continued improvement is encouraging news. According to

Deciding which free agents to keep

When manager Buck Showalter was asked late in the season about his timetable for announcing which coaches would return in 2011, he said it would be “sooner rather than later.” It’s my fault for not getting a clear definition. This week would be considered “sooner,” as opposed to after the World Series, which would fall into the “later” category. Showalter underwent the first of his

Quick AFL update (updated)

Since nothing else seems to be happening today... First baseman Tyler Townsend and third baseman Ryan Adams have two-run singles today for the Scottsdale Scorpions of the Arizona Fall League. The Scorpions lead the Peoria Saguaros, 7-0, in the sixth inning. Townsend and Adams singled off right-hander Jeremy Hall, who went 6-9 with a 3.52 ERA in 27 starts for the Double-A Montgomery Biscuits -

Orioles are interested in Nakajima

I was fully prepared to drop an Office Space line on you and call this entry “Naka...Naka...Not gonna play in Baltimore.” But I won’t go quite that far. Plus, I’m not sure how many of you would get the reference. If you do, you earn some serious cool points. We’ll hang out. A few readers asked about the Orioles’ potential interest in Japanese shortstop Hiroyuki

A second look at second base

The Rays managed to bring the Division Series back to Tropicana Field tonight for Game 5 after falling behind, 0-2, to the Rangers. That’s the good news. David Price is 0-2 with a 7.45 ERA in four career starts against the Rangers, allowing 16 runs and 17 hits, and walking 15, in 19 1/3 innings. That would be the bad news. Cliff Lee has a

MacPhail: “It’s truly in Buck’s hands...”

President of baseball operations Andy MacPhail doesn’t believe that an announcement on the coaching staff is “on the horizon,” but he adds that it’s “truly in Buck’s hands, what he does and the circumstances.” We’re waiting for the Orioles to soon reveal which coaches are returning, without naming replacements for the departed. “There are so many managerial positions to be filled that it has a

A scout’s take - Part III

So, does anyone want to trade places with Brooks Conrad? The Atlanta second baseman committed three errors yesterday, the final one allowing the go-ahead run to score in the ninth inning and putting the Braves within a game of elimination. “I wish I could just dig a hole,” Conrad said, “and sleep in it.” I’m sure a few of his teammates would bring the shovel.

A scout’s take - Part II

A scout from outside the organization who ventured inside Camden Yards over the final weeks of the season made the following observation about Adam Jones, including differences in the center fielder since manager Buck Showalter took control of the club: “I think the biggest guy that I’ve seen impacted is Jones. I thought in the middle of the season that he was at a crossroads

A scout’s take

I’ll be heading to M&T Bank Stadium in a few minutes to shed my sportswriter inhibitions and behave like a fan. That means sitting in the stands, yelling my lungs out and hitting the concessions. And yes, standing in line at the urinals, rocking back and forth from one foot to the other, wishing the guy in front of me hadn’t downed 12 beers before

Talking free agents and spring training

With word spreading through baseball that Cliff Lee will seek CC Sabathia money this winter, it becomes even less likely that the Orioles will make a run at him. And it was a long shot coming out of the gates. We already know that the corner infield spots will garner the most attention, which sounds vaguely familiar. Didn’t we do this same dance last winter?

This, that and the other

The most shocking development in the playoffs for me, and I’m probably not alone, has to be the Rangers 2-0 lead over the Rays as the Division Series heads to Arlington. How strange that two managers had never been ejected on the same day in the postseason until Joe Maddon and Ron Gardenhire were tossed yesterday. Watching Matt Treanor behind the plate for the Rangers

Coaches remain on hold (updated)

It’s been another relatively slow day, and I’m not complaining. I’m fine with the current pace after finishing up spring training and a 162-game season. It’s not dead around here, but you have to feel around for a pulse. I called a few of the coaches to gauge whether they have a handle on their fates, and the universal answer is “no.” They remain in

Are Orioles showing an ace with Guthrie?

Roy Halladay throws a no-hitter last night and I saw exactly four pitches - all of them from Cincinnati’s Edinson Volquez in the second inning. I have regrets. Not every team is blessed with a true No. 1 starter. Go over all the rosters and pick out the pitchers who actually fit the description, and not simply because somebody had to take the ball on

Tyler undergoes surgery: “Everything went well”

Ernie Tyler, the longtime umpires attendant who was rushed to University of Maryland Medical Center Saturday afternoon, underwent successful surgery this morning to remove a benign brain tumor. A team official said “everything went well” and Tyler is resting comfortably. No word on how long he’ll remain hospitalized. Tyler, a member of the Orioles’ Hall of Fame, worked 3,819 consecutive home games at Memorial Stadium

Waiting for word on the coaching staff

If I appear to be typing more slowly this morning, it’s because I’m feeling a little dizzy. I struck out at a bar last night and hit myself over the head with a beer bottle. We’re still waiting to find out which coaches, if any, will return in 2011. Each one has met with manager Buck Showalter within the past week. “It’s emotional for me,”

Brian Roberts non-update

It’s my understanding that second baseman Brian Roberts hasn’t undergone a CT scan, and the club hasn’t scheduled one at this time. Roberts has complained of headaches and dizziness since Sept. 27 in St. Petersburg, when he slammed his helmet with his bat after striking out in the ninth inning. He missed the last six games, but his condition must be improving. Manager Buck Showalter

Four players choose free agency

Four Orioles minor leaguers have elected to become free agents: Infielder Scott Moore, first baseman Michael Aubrey and pitchers Cla Meredith and Alberto Castillo. Moore batted .209 with three homers and 10 RBIs in 41 games with the Orioles. Meredith, acquired from the Padres in the Oscar Salazar trade, went 0-2 with a 5.40 ERA in 21 games. Castillo was 1-0 with a 10.13 ERA

Biggest surprise and disappointment in 2010

Well, it’s not raining this morning, but I woke up with the covers pulled over my head. I refuse to turn on the heat. It’s not happening in the first week of October. Meanwhile, my daughter sleeps with her ceiling fan on full-blast. Says it has to be “freezing” in her room. Apparently, it also has to be noisy, because the television stays on all

The real standings

Forget the standings that are running in your local newspaper and on-line. Derf did a little research, and a little match, and passed along the AL East standings since Aug. 3. First, here’s how the division stacked up before Buck Showalter arrived in Baltimore, including records, winning percentage and games trailing the leaders: New York 66-39 .629 Tampa Bay 66-39 .629 Boston 60-46 .566 6

And so it begins...

I hear the voice of Stewie from “Family Guy” every time I type or say that line. The offseason has begun with me staring out the window at the rain and my daughter staying home from school with an upset stomach caused by the antibiotics she’s taking to fight an infection in her thumb. Swallowing the pills on a full stomach didn’t work as promised.

The Buck really stops here

In his final post-game media session for 2010, manager Buck Showalter was asked when he’d start getting itchy for spring training. “Probably a couple hours,” he replied. Spring training tends to make me itchy, but I digress... Showalter met briefly with his players before heading to the interview room. “Like I told the players, you need to get away from it,” he said. “We’re so

Roberts dealing with concussion-like symptoms

Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts will likely undergo a CT scan tomorrow to determine the cause of the headaches and dizziness that prevented him from playing in the last six games of the season. Roberts noticed that the symptoms began after he hit his helmet with his bat in frustration after striking out in the ninth inning of Monday’s game. Bad idea when you’re still

Costly miscue in ninth

Today’s attendance: 23,914. The season total of 1,733,019 in 80 dates is the lowest in Camden Yards history. The Orioles just gave up a critical run with two outs in the ninth inning when Brandon Snyder, inserted into the game at first base, failed to catch Robert Andino’s throw, increasing the Tigers’ lead to 4-2. Andino moved to shortstop after Corey Patterson pinch-hit for Cesar

Making up for it (updated)

Cesar Izturis committed his ninth error today, bobbling Austin Jackson’s ground ball leading off the top of the fourth inning. Jackson stole second, but held as Brad Bergesen retired the next two batters. Ryan Raburn followed with a grounder up the middle that looked like it would produce the Tigers’ first run, but Izturis ranged far to his left to make the pickup, and his

Coaching decisions could come quickly

My favorite Kangaroo-brand pita chips, homemade chocolate chip cookies... Many thanks. Now I’m really sad that the season is ending. Too bad Peter Schmuck isn’t here today. I usually rely on him to eat the crumbs off my shirt. Third base umpire Jerry Crawford is working his last regular season game. He’s retiring after the playoffs. Manager Buck Showalter took the lineup card to home

Orioles lineup

Robert Andino 2B Nick Markakis RF Adam Jones CF Luke Scott DH Ty Wigginton 1B Felix Pie LF Matt Wieters C Josh Bell 3B Cesar Izturis SS Brad Bergesen RHP Longtime umpires attendant Ernie Tyler is resting comfortably at University of Maryland Medical Center after being diagnosed yesterday with a benign brain tumor. Tyler’s son, Jimmy, the home clubhouse manager, joked that his father is

Showalter talks about Matusz, Izzy and more

Brian Matusz fell behind, 1-0, on Brandon Inge’s home run in the second inning before clamping down on the Tigers and turning over the game to the bullpen after the sixth. Matusz went 6-0 with a 1.57 ERA in his last eight starts, allowing eight earned runs and 29 hits in 46 innings. “We’ve had two games in a row where a young starter gave

Flashing the leather (updated)

Jim Johnson retired the Tigers in order in the eighth inning - with a lot of help from his friends. The Orioles put on an amazing defensive display, beginning with Cesar Izturis’ diving backhanded stop and throw to retire leadoff hitter Will Rhymes. Nick Markakis followed with a diving catch near the right field line to rob Austin Jackson and again bring the crowd to

No longer perfect (updated)

Tigers starter Armando Galarraga retired the first 10 batters he faced and checked to make sure umpire Jim Joyce wasn’t working the bases tonight. His bid for perfection ended with one Nick Markakis swing in the fourth inning. Markakis drove a Galarraga fastball an estimated 344 feet to the flag court in right field to tie the game. Markakis, who placed third in the MVO

Buck on Luke

Luke Scott received a nice ovation before the game while accepting his award as Most Valuable Oriole. And it was obvious from the way he smiled and thanked reporters at his locker that the honor meant a great deal to him. “Good choice,” manager Buck Showalter said. “And there are some other people you could make a case for, too, but Luke, I think he’s

MacPhail talks about the surge and offseason

Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail said the club’s vast improvement over the last two months hasn’t changed his approach to the offseason. “It really hasn’t had that huge an impact over those issues we think we need to address,” MacPhail said. “There isn’t anything that’s, ‘Oh gee, we don’t need to address that now.’ I think we’re still trying to take as realistic

Roberts likely done for 2010 (w/Tyler update)

Brian Roberts remains out of the lineup tonight and he isn’t expected to play tomorrow, ending his season after 59 games. Roberts has been bothered by headaches since the Tampa Bay trip. He’s missed the last four games. Manager Buck Showalter has been vague when pressed for details about Roberts’ condition, suggesting that reporters talk to the second baseman or a team physician. Roberts declined

Orioles lineup

Corey Patterson LF Nick Markakis RF Jake Fox DH Luke Scott 1B Felix Pie CF Ty Wigginton 3B Matt Wieters C Robert Andino 2B Cesar Izturis SS Brian Matusz LHP Still no Brian Roberts, who might end up being shut down this weekend.

Scott the MVO

Luke Scott has been voted the winner of the Most Valuable Oriole award for 2010 by members of the local media who cover the team on a regular basis. Nick Markakis and Ty Wigginton also received first-place votes. Jeremy Guthrie placed second and Markakis finished third. Adam Jones was the only other player to receive votes on the ballot. Scott ranks sixth in the American

What’s going on

I’m not posing a question with the title of this entry, though I’m also interested in your lives. Just wanted to check in during a commercial break on Wall To Wall Baseball with Tom Davis and Dave Johnson. We just finished 90 minutes on MASN, leaving the last 90 minutes exclusively on ESPN Radio 1300 AM. I’ll head to Camden Yards after 2 p.m. and

Post-Game 2 Showalter

With the doubleheader sweep, the Orioles are 33-22 under manager Buck Showalter after beginning the season 32-73. According to Elias, this marks the first time since 1900 that a manager took over a team in August or later and won more games than the team had won when he arrived. Also, the Orioles have surpassed last year’s victory total of 64. Oh happy days...and nights.

Starters finishing strong

Three starters taking their final turns in the rotation this season have posted a 0.41 ERA. Never can say goodbye. Kevin Millwood tossed seven scoreless innings on Wednesday. Chris Tillman allowed one run over seven innings tonight in Game 1. Jeremy Guthrie has shut out the Tigers over eight innings in Game 2. They’re proving to be a tough act to follow for left-hander Brian

This and that (updated)

Nick Markakis just hit his 11th home run to give the Orioles a 1-0 lead in the third inning. He drove an 0-2 pitch an estimated 382 feet to right field. That’s five hits for the Orioles, and we don’t have any outs in the third. Me: “When’s the last time Robert Andino has played both ends of a doubleheader?” Guy next to me: “When

Post-Game 1 Showalter (and O’s lineup)

Starter Chris Tillman was the obvious topic of conversation after the Orioles’ 10-6 victory in Game 1. “Chris was outstanding,” manager Buck Showalter said. “I’ll tell you, the cutter was a really good pitch for him. Liked the way he gave up the home run early and responded. You really like to see shutdown innings after the runs we scored, too. That’s a sign of

Leaving on a high note

Chris Tillman’s final start turned out to be an outstanding one. Also, good call by manager Buck Showalter to allow the right-hander to take the mound again, and pitch him in Game 1 so he wouldn’t have to wait. Tillman held the Tigers to one run - Don Kelly’s homer - and three hits over seven innings. He walked two and struck out a season-high

Breaking out in the fourth (updated)

The Orioles didn’t have a hit through three innings. Now they have four hits, six runs and two hit batters. Corey Patterson started the rally in the fourth with a bunt single. The Orioles loaded the bases on a walk to Nick Markakis and a Jeremy Bonderman pitch that hit Luke Scott. Felix Pie singled off the out-of-town scoreboard to tie the game, 1-1, and

Orioles lineup; Berken update

Corey Patterson DH Nick Markakis RF Ty Wigginton 3B Luke Scott 1B Felix Pie LF Adam Jones CF Robert Andino 2B Craig Tatum C Cesar Izturis SS Chris Tillman RHP Reliever Jason Berken is visiting the clubhouse today while waiting to have his right shoulder examined by a team physician. Berken, who was diagnosed with a slight tear in his labrum, hasn’t started a rehab

Showalter on his staff and B-Rob’s status

Manager Buck Showalter says he wants to address his coaching staff before the conclusion of the World Series, speeding up the timetable that he originally laid out. “That’s not something that I’m going to string along for very long, in fairness to everybody concerned,” he said. “We’ve had a couple conversations with them. It was a tough day yesterday, and obviously real tough today with

Roberts not available today

Orioles manager Buck Showalter still hadn’t posted his lineup before meeting with reporters at 1:30 p.m., but he told us that second baseman Brian Roberts hasn’t been cleared to play today. Roberts was examined yesterday by a team physician because of recurring headaches. He tried to work out on the field with head athletic trainer Richie Bancells earlier today, but the session didn’t go well

Let’s play two

Now that the instant gratification of yesterday’s postponement has worn off, it’s time to prepare for today’s doubleheader. I’ll pass along the lineups for Game 1 at 1:05 p.m., when the clubhouse opens to the media. It seems like forever since I’ve walked inside Camden Yards, but I should be able to find it. Also need to check on second baseman Brian Roberts, who’s missed

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