Should the Orioles pursue Greinke?

Not much to say about the Orioles today, so let’s talk about another team’s player.

Anybody want Zack Greinke?

He’s got two years and $27 million left on his contract and he’s reportedly available - a status that seems to change daily.

Here’s the breakdown on his contract, courtesy of Cot’s:

Signed extension with Kansas City on 1/26/09 (avoided arbitration)
09:$3.75M, 10:$7.25M, 11:$13.5M, 12:$13.5M
Limited no-trade protection in 2009, 2010
Award bonuses: $50,000 each for Gold Glove, All Star, LCS MVP; $0.1M for WS MVP; $0.1M for Cy Young ($50,000 for 2nd-5th place); $0.1M for MVP ($50,000 for 2nd-5th place)

You’ll notice the limited no-trade clause. No idea whether the Orioles are one of the teams he’d refuse.

Hey dude, you pitch for the Royals. How much worse can it get?

“Um, well, I’m not going to Pittsburgh.”

If you believe that the Orioles need a top-of-the-rotation starter, you can forget Cliff Lee. He wants CC Sabathia money. It’s not happening here.

Greinke doesn’t come cheaply, but he’s not costing you $161 million. He also promises not to wear baggy pants and eat one of the clubhouse attendants.

It makes more sense for the Orioles to trade for a pitcher and eliminate the negotiating process. Same with a middle-of-the-lineup hitter, especially if the market is thin. But what would it take to bring Greinke here? Would the Royals want the same type of package, rich in young pitching, that would be required to land Adrian Gonzalez or Prince Fielder?

It’s not like the Royals have to trade him this winter, so they’re not going to hand him over for a couple of mid-level prospects and a crab cake platter.

Your thoughts?

Quick AFL update: Greg Miclat went 1-for-4 with three strikeouts last night in Scottsdale’s 6-4 win over the Peoria Javelinas. Adam Loewen, playing right field, hit a solo homer off Wynn Pelzer.

The game-time temperature was 99 degrees, but it’s a dry heat.

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