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Lee agrees to terms

A team official has confirmed that the Orioles reached verbal agreement with free-agent first baseman Derrek Lee on a contract for 2011. The signing will become official once Lee passes a physical. Various reports have placed the Orioles’ offer at one year for around $8 million. Lee was willing to accept a one-year deal, while Adam LaRoche continued to seek three guaranteed years. The Orioles

Examining a few pitching options

I want to begin by wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year. Be careful if you’re driving later. The roads will be filled with amateurs. I feel like I already rang in the New Year at Camden Yards each time a ball dropped in shallow left-center field. If the Orioles add a starting pitcher as expected, they won’t necessarily shy away from a low-risk,

Lee leading first base race

If I had to handicap the first base race in Baltimore, it’s becoming more evident that Derrek Lee has pulled ahead of Adam LaRoche. LaRoche was an early favorite, and the Orioles have held extensive talks with his agent, Mike Milchin, but they seem prepared to move on without him because of contract demands that they’re not willing to meet. I talked to someone in

No news is bad news

Is anyone else having trouble concentrating today because of the excitement surrounding the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium? Like we don’t have enough meaningless bowl games polluting our airwaves. Kansas State and Syracuse are playing in the Bronx. I guess RFK Stadium couldn’t be cleaned up in time. I yearn for the days of the Rose, Cotton, Sugar, Orange, Gator, Peach and Tangerine bowls. Throw

Bullpen banter

I’m in between breakfast courses and wanted to check in real quick. The first course included fried ham and French toast made with gourmet Italian panettone bread. The eggs are cooking. Over easy. I’ll need the jaws of life to get out of these pants. I would love to pass along an update on the first base negotiations, but I’ve got nothing. The Orioles preferred

Most managers in place in minors; Hobgood update

The Orioles probably won’t announce their full minor league coaching staffs until after Jan. 1, but the top four affiliates have their managers in place. Gary Allenson returns as Triple-A Norfolk manager, Gary Kendall moves up from Single-A Aberdeen to Double-A Bowie, Orlando Gomez returns to Single-A Frederick and Ryan Minor returns to low Single-A Delmarva. Orioles manager Buck Showalter still wants to add a

Marty Cordova’s family tragedy

In a few hours, I’ll be heading to Ocean Pines to visit my parents, sister and niece. We celebrate the holidays when we’re able to gather together. The actual date is insignificant. It also happens when my father finishes shoveling more than a foot of snow from his driveway. Thanks, Dad! As I await the opportunity to feel the warm embrace of my loving family,

LaRoche, Lee or someone else?

My trip to Ocean Pines has been delayed until tomorrow after the area was blanketed by more than a foot of snow. Meanwhile, it’s a sunny morning in Sykesville and that light dusting is gone. It must be those 50 mph winds. I thought my car might end up in another parking spot. I asked a few days ago which teams besides the Orioles and

Beltre still isn’t the answer

I was afraid to look out my window this morning, figuring that the snow would be piling up and I’d be making another frantic search for my gloves. I raced to the grocery store because I needed milk and water. I hate being that guy, but I was out. (I skipped the bread and toilet paper.) I raced to the gym and kept one eye

Hall of Fame ballot

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to one and all. I wasn’t expecting to see snow this morning, but it looks like we got a light dusting in Sykesville (as opposed to a heavy dusting.) Just give me clear roads on Monday. That’s all I’m asking. I didn’t find a first baseman under the tree. I’m not sure what I would have done with him, so

First base market continues to shrink

It shrinks? Like a frightened turtle! The Padres reportedly have reached agreement with Brad Hawpe on a one-year contract, which figures to impact the Orioles. Hawpe will platoon at first base in San Diego despite extremely limited experience at the position. He’s appeared in only nine games there, all of them in 2010. By comparison, he’s played 748 games in right field over seven seasons.

Not a creature was stirring...

If you’re heading out to do some last-minute shopping, I’ll just ask...are you crazy?! I’m out of milk and I’m afraid to venture to the grocery store. I’ll eat my Cheerios dry. All I need is a highchair and a sippy cup. It would be an upset of monumental proportions if the Orioles signed a free agent today - or scheduled a physical so they

Atkins off the board

You can stop worrying. Garrett Atkins has found a job. The Pirates announced that they signed Atkins to a minor league contract with an invite to spring training. Atkins lasted 44 games with the Orioles last season, batting .214 with one homer and nine RBIs. They released him on July 6. Atkins signed for $4.5 million last winter. Now he’s settling for a minor league

Checking the Orioles’ tab

While wondering whether Brett Favre texted pictures of his feet to Rex Ryan ... I saw the mlbtraderumors.com post ranking each club according to its offseason spending and braced for the inevitable Orioles bashing. I knew it was coming, so I may as well address it. (It also allows me to mention Adam LaRoche again, keeping my streak intact.) The Orioles rank 23rd out of

MacPhail: No deadline imposed on LaRoche

President of baseball operations Andy MacPhail says the club hasn’t imposed a deadline for free agents to accept their offers, which means Adam LaRoche can continue to mull his options while the Orioles resume talks with other players. MacPhail didn’t reveal names, but it’s clear that LaRoche hasn’t been given a take-it-or-leave-it ultimatum. “I’m not a big deadline guy,” MacPhail said. “There’s nothing to prevent

Quick Montanez update; remembering Elrod

Former Orioles outfielder Lou Montanez texted me earlier today and mentioned that he’s receiving a lot of interest, “especially from AL East teams.” A few Japanese teams also are interested in the free-agent outfielder. Montanez is batting third for first-place Criollos de Caguas of the Puerto Rican Winter League. He’s 13-for-28 with two doubles, a triple and four RBIs. He writes that his team’s starting

Seriously, what about today?

We have a theme going here. As you might have noticed, another shopping day bit the dust yesterday. We’re down to a precious few. I’ve got errands to run this morning, but my laptop goes everywhere I go, so I’ll pass along any news that might break. It usually stays in my trunk. It doesn’t sit on the passenger seat with the window cracked. In

Ripken critiques Reynolds, Hardy and more

If you’re looking for someone to critique the Orioles’ winter additions at third base and shortstop, Cal Ripken seems like the logical person for the assignment. He’s played both positions and his opinion always counts. Ripken has added next month’s coaching clinic at the University of Maryland to his busy schedule (more on that later), but he took time earlier this morning to talk to

OK, so what about today?

Yesterday passed without the Orioles doing anything. President of baseball operations Andy MacPhail might have made contact with more agents or rival executives, but that’s only an assumption. The media has been left in the dark because he’s no longer returning our calls. I can confirm that the Orioles didn’t sign any free agents or complete any trades. Only four shopping days left until Christmas.

Ex-Oriole update

The Nationals signed first baseman Michael Aubrey to a minor league deal, according to this tweet from the team. And yes, I just wrote “this tweet from the team.” Aubrey made a pretty good impression on the club late in the 2009 season, but he was hurt in spring training and recovering from a minor medical procedure that required stitches in his back. He fell

Is this the week? (updated)

Baseball activity usually slows down the week between Christmas and New Years, so this week could be relatively busy for the Orioles. Keeping those fingers crossed. Players generally prefer to be signed before the holidays to remove that distraction and plan their lives accordingly. Their families obviously share the burden. The exceptions, of course, usually involve Scott Boras. Adam LaRoche figures to make his decision

This and that

Cliff Lee is out of the American League, and he took Zack Greinke with him - and dropped off the right-hander in Milwaukee. This season should be a breeze for the Orioles. All they need is for Andy Pettitte to retire and they’ll win 90 games. Greinke reportedly has been dealt to the Brewers for shortstop Alcides Escobar, center fielder Lorenzo Cain and pitching prospects

Still waiting for LaRoche

Howard Megdal at mlbtraderumors.com posted the top five Phillies general managers since 1960, with Paul Owens placing first. I suppose we could do the same thing here with the Orioles. Feel free to submit your top five GMs in franchise history. Extra credit if you include the reasons. Homework on a Saturday? That’s so not fair! The Orioles still haven’t announced their minor league coaching

Three-year offer for LaRoche? (with Accardo update)

I received a call at 6 a.m. with an automated message alerting me that Carroll County schools are opening two hours late. I texted my daughter, who responded with a “Yes!!” and went back to sleep. I had two dreams that I can remember: Rushing somewhere to conduct an interview for the blog, and co-hosting a sports talk show on MASN. Not exactly an escape

Ohman: “I’m not going to close the door” (updated)

As the Orioles search for another left-handed reliever, they haven’t given up on the possibility of bringing back Will Ohman. They’ve had talks with his agent, Danny Horwits, and Ohman said a return is “always a possibility.” “I’m not going to close the door, either,” he said earlier today via cell phone. “I enjoyed my time there.” His time with the Orioles ended with the

Roll call for relievers

I’m still dealing with e-mail issues because AOL - yes, I know, so lame - keeps forcing me to change my password once or twice a day since the great virus attack of 2010. AOL randomly decides that my password is invalid, which also prevents my BlackBerry from receiving e-mails. I can’t get a technician to assist me because I don’t pay for the service,

Paying the utilities

The Orioles have bigger fish to fry than a second utility player. A first baseman comes to mind. It jumps right into the boat. I’m not overly concerned about a veteran starter, though I understand the team’s interest in acquiring one. Manager Buck Showalter wants more options for the five spots. He’s counting six right now, which doesn’t give him much room if there’s an

Accardo reaches agreement; Gregg rumor

A team official confirmed this afternoon that the Orioles have reached agreement with former Blue Jays reliever Jeremy Accardo on a one-year deal worth $1.08 million. The Sun quotes Accardo’s agent, Damon Lapa of All Bases Covered Sports Management (catchy name.) The deal is official pending a physical. The Blue Jays non-tendered Accardo, making him a free agent. He’s eligible for arbitration again after 2011,

A sit-down with Mark Reynolds

Manager Buck Showalter believes that the Orioles traded for Mark Reynolds “at the perfect time.” He considers Reynolds a “change of scenery guy,” as he described the new third baseman earlier today. Showalter doesn’t care about the .198 average and the three straight seasons with 200-plus strikeouts. That’s in the past. Mark Reynolds stops by the MASNsports.com Web Studio for a one-on-one with Roch Kubatko

Brian Roberts talks about the new infield

It doesn’t sound like the Orioles have a lot of interest in pitcher Joe Blanton, who’s reportedly available after the Phillies signed left-hander Cliff Lee. The reviews seemed to be mixed in the organization and I’d be surprised if the club made a run at him. The Orioles still want to add a veteran starter to provide more competition in spring training. Right now. you’re

Arrieta: “I’m completely healthy”

Since I’m keeping tabs on the facial hair, I’ll pass along that Jake Arrieta is sporting a full beard. That’s going to come off in Sarasota. Arrieta says the concern over the bone spur in his right elbow was “kind of blown a little bit out of proportion.” “I know some people have my health as a concern, just with that bone spur, but it’s

Koji fine with closer or set-up role

Koji Uehara arrived at the Dave & Buster’s at the Arundel Mills Mall with sideburns that are so long, the ends meet underneath his chin. And he wants to keep them that way as his new “trademark.” Not sure that’ll be allowed under the club’s facial-hair policy, but I’m rooting for him. Uehara, speaking through interpreter Jiwon Bang - but also understanding many of the

Surprise! Cliff Lee is off the board

I woke up to the shocking news that Cliff Lee has agreed to a five-year, $120 million deal with one of his old teams, the Philadelphia Phillies. So much for the Yankees and Rangers fighting it out for Lee. There’s something about the Yankees not getting what they want that puts a smile on my face, even at this early hour. Lee took a lesser

Cal Ripken’s statement regarding Favre

Cal Ripken knows a thing or two about streaks. He seems like the logical guy to comment on quarterback Brett Favre, whose NFL-record streak of consecutive starts ended tonight at 297 (only a few more than his record number of retirement announcements.) Favre has been taking snaps since 1992, but a right shoulder injury didn’t allow him to suit up for tonight’s rescheduled game against

Koji’s re-signing official; role to be determined

Koji Uehara passed his physical today and signed a one-year contract with a vesting option for 2012. Uehara will receive a base salary of $3 million, with incentives that could raise the deal to $5 million. President of baseball operations Andy MacPhail didn’t declare Uehara the closer during the winter meetings. He said the reliever’s role would depend on manager Buck Showalter. If the Orioles

Trying to figure out a lineup

I woke up this morning to a massive spam attack on my e-mail account and a video of Miley Cyrus taking a bong hit. It’s going to be one of those days. My BlackBerry refused to accept anymore e-mails from my account after about 30 “undeliverable messages.” Now that’s a smart phone. Meanwhile, my laptop held about 1,850 of them, plus another 241 in my

Brady Anderson talks about Reynolds

A few days ago, I wrote about outfielder Nolan Reimold’s workouts with former Oriole Brady Anderson. You also can include third baseman Mark Reynolds on the list of Anderson’s clients. In an interesting coincidence, Reynolds contacted Anderson before the Orioles traded for him at the winter meetings. “It was a nice circumstance that he’s with the Orioles now,” Anderson said. Anderson had a lot of

Approach the bench

It’s much too early to break down the Orioles’ 25-man roster. This team will need a first baseman - it’s in the rules - or a new designated hitter. The bullpen is incomplete. However, as I sat here last night, I thought about the potential composition of the bench. Cesar Izturis appears to have a spot as a reserve middle infielder. Brendan Harris and Robert

Mini-update on first base (updated)

Not much to report here, but I’m asked about the first base situation multiple times a day. It happened again this afternoon while I was stuck in traffic on Rt. 32 and cars were blocking the Liberty Rd. intersection and preventing me from going the last half-mile to my house. (A Sun photographer captured the scene, which included my reddening face.) A guy in the

Orioles agree to terms with Izturis (updated)

No announcement has been made, but the Orioles have agreed to terms with infielder Cesar Izturis on a 1-year contract. The deal will become official once Izturis passes his physical. Izturis apparently will compete for the utility job along with newly acquired Brendan Harris, while J.J. Hardy is penciled in as the everyday shortstop. Earlier this week, President Andy MacPhail stated after confirming the Hardy/Harris

Brady Anderson talks about Reimold

I caught up with Brady Anderson a few days ago while covering the Winter Meetings in Orlando. He returned a call as I was transcribing quotes from president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail, and I ended the game of phone tag a few minutes later after hitting the “publish” button. I knew that outfielder Nolan Reimold was working out with Anderson. I knew that Anderson

Trembley on Harris

I finally made it home around 10:30 p.m. after my flight was delayed an hour. Something about a mechanical issue with the plane, which is always nice when it’s discovered before we take off. I’ll be driving my daughter and her friend to school and crawling back into bed for a few hours, the images of the Titans’ “meaningless” touchdown last night with no time

Good times with J.J.

The Orioles made new shortstop J.J. Hardy available on a conference call. Here’s a sampling: On his reaction to the trade: “I’m excited about it. I’ve been through this whole getting ready to be traded the last three off-seasons and I’m pretty excited that the Orioles want me.” On whether he’s familiar with the team: “I feel like I know a lot of them from

Harris on Harris

Today’s trade between the Orioles and Twins assures that Brendan Harris will be packing his bags again. Or maybe he never unpacks them. Harris, 30, has batted .260 in 458 career major league games with the Chicago Cubs (2004), Montreal Expos (2004), Washington Nationals (2005-06), Cincinnati Reds (2006), Tampa Bay Rays (2007) and Twins (2008-2010). Does it become easier or harder as he gets older

MacPhail meets with the media

President of baseball operations Andy MacPhail tackled a variety of subjects following the Rule 5 draft. For example: On what he’s accomplished at the meetings: “We have made some progress on the left side of the diamond. We made some progress with Koji. We have some other things we think we have in the offing that are encouraging. So by and large, we’re happy that

MacPhail confirms Uehara and Hardy (updated)

I’ve got a ton of work staring at me, so I’ll have to just approve the comments quickly and get back to your questions later. Sorry. President of baseball operations Andy MacPhail confirmed that the Orioles re-signed Koji Uehara to a one-year deal with a vesting option. Uehara will earn a base salary of $3 million, and incentives can increase the total to $5 million.

Orioles make selection in Rule 5 draft (updated 3rd time)

With the fourth pick in today’s Rule 5 draft, the Orioles selected right-hander Adrian Rosario, 21, from Milwaukee’s Triple-A affiliate in Nashville. Rosario was 4-0 with a 4.50 ERA and two saves in 14 games covering 32 innings at Single-A Wisconsin this year. He also went 1-0 with a 1.26 ERA and one save in five games covering 14 1/3 innings with Helena of the

Closing with a flurry

As we approach the Rule 5 draft, the Orioles have made two trades and re-signed their closer. So much for “doubtful,” right Andy? Multiple reports confirm that the Orioles and Twins completed a deal after midnight that will send shortstop J.J. Hardy to Baltimore for minor league pitchers Jim Hoey and Brett Jacobson. The Orioles also would receive utility infielder Brendan Harris, which doesn’t bode

As I pack up my laptop... (w/ Koji update)

The Orioles are still trying to work out a trade for Twins shortstop J.J. Hardy.There’s also a feeling here that the Cardinals could move shortstop Brendan Ryan later tonight. In case you hadn’t heard, the Orioles need a shortstop. The Padres no longer are in the running for Ryan after acquiring Jason Bartlett from the Rays earlier today. The Orioles and Pirates could end up

No offers made to Pena or Konerko (updated)

President of baseball operations Andy MacPhail told reporters tonight that he never made an offer to free-agent first basemen Carlos Pena or Paul Konerko. MacPhail met with their respective agents, but he insisted that no offers followed those discussions. He knew after one conversation that Konerko wasn’t leaving Chicago. Pena told a few reporters earlier today that the Orioles made an offer, but agent Scott

Bartlett out; Hardy in? (updated)

Following word that trade talks for Jason Barlett were “dead,” the Orioles are trying to finalize a deal with Twins shortstop J.J. Hardy. Backing a report in The Sun, an industry source confirmed that the Orioles are engaged in serious talks for Hardy, though a deal might not be completed today. You know how easily these things can fall apart, so don’t get your hopes

Who’s on first?

We have conflicting reports on whether the Nationals have reached agreement with first baseman Adam LaRoche. One tweet says it sounds like LaRoche is headed to D.C. Another one says nothing is imminent and “not at all a lock.” The Orioles can only hope that the second report is more accurate. They’ve expressed interest in LaRoche every winter since his T-ball days. Their choices are

Orioles drawing closer to re-signing Koji?

Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail met again this morning with the representative for closer Koji Uehara. It’s believed that the Orioles remain Uehara’s first choice. The right-hander would prefer a two-year deal. If I’m the Orioles, I’d be a lot more comfortable with one year, heavy in incentives, plus a club option.

Lobby chatter (updated)

One official told me that the Orioles never had serious interest in Japanese pitcher Kenshin Kawakami. The Braves have contacted every team, trying to unload the right-hander and a portion of his contract. The Orioles listened but weren’t close to making a deal. The Orioles want to add a veteran starting pitcher, but the bullpen, first base and shortstop are higher priorities. The Orioles are

What lies ahead...

I’ve read enough lies this week to last me a while. This one is true: Carlos Pena is off the board after agreeing to a one-year, $10 million contract with the Cubs. There was lots of talk here about agent Scott Boras’ ridiculous asking price for Pena. One veteran scribe that I spoke with yesterday predicted that Pena would settle for a one-year deal. Boras

Quick hits from MacPhail (w/quotes)

I’ll post quotes shortly, but here are some topics that president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail addressed a few minutes ago - after he mocked all the false rumors that have been swirling. He even dropped a “kicking the tires” reference with a roll of his eyes. According to MacPhail: * We shouldn’t expect any trades or signings to be announced tonight. * No trade

Bartlett talks stalled

A Rays official says nothing is imminent on the trade front regarding shortstop Jason Bartlett, and that most of the talks with clubs have been “bullpen-centric.” Various reports are surfacing that talks with the Orioles are dead. We’re heading up to Andy MacPhail’s suite in a few minutes. Also, I’m told the Nationals had some interest in former Orioles outfielder Lou Montanez, but that may

Showalter time

Orioles manager Buck Showalter just finished a lengthy interview session with reporters. One interested spectator was Luke Scott, who lives about an hour away and showed up with the usual winter beard and carrying an envelope with color photographs of the kills from his latest hunting trip. Not for the squeamish. Trust me. Showalter spoke about Josh Bell’s efforts to get in better shape.

For Konerko, no still means no

Enough dirt has been dumped on the possibility of Paul Konerko signing with the Orioles, but I’ll break out the shovel one more time. Konerko’s agent, Craig Landis, met in the lobby with White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf a few minutes ago, and they headed up one of the elevators for another round of talks. I’m told again that Konerko has no interest in playing

Opening double doors to the Asian market?

Multiple reports surfaced earlier today that the Orioles and Braves have held trade talks regarding Japanese pitcher Kenshin Kawakami. MASNsports.com’s Steve Melewski recently got confirmation from an industry source. Kawakami, 35, is owed $6.67 million, and the Braves would have to eat a large chunk of it. They seem willing to do so. The Orioles made offers to Kawakami and Koji Uehara two winters ago.

Bartlett vs. Hardy vs. Izzy

The common feeling here among executives and scouts is that the Orioles are more likely to re-sign shortstop Cesar Izturis if they land a big bat at first base. We can debate whether Adam LaRoche would constitute a big bat. The Rays wanted reliever David Hernandez for Jason Bartlett, and they’re still more interested in acquiring bullpen arms. Same with the Twins in any deal

Early buzz involves former Oriole

Sounds like another story about Sidney Ponson’s drinking escapades, but you would be wrong. It appears that former Oriole Ty Wigginton has agreed to a two-year deal with the Colorado Rockies. So much for leaving that door open. Wigginton will serve as a right-handed bat off the bench, which would have been a nice role for him in Baltimore. I knew he would hold out

Reynolds on Reynolds

The Orioles arranged a conference call with new third baseman Mark Reynolds, who spoke for about seven minutes before we let him enjoy the rest of his night. Reynolds said he was surprised to learn that the Diamondbacks traded him this morning. “Obviously, I didn’t want to leave,” he said. “I have my house here, my friends, family. I have a pretty good setup with

Showalter discusses Reynolds (updated)

Manager Buck Showalter is aware of Mark Reynolds’ low batting average this year. He’s also aware of Reynolds’ obscene strikeout totals. He doesn’t seem to care. “You can find negatives on every player,” he said. “I understand where Mark’s history is. He would have led our club in home runs, RBIs, runs scored, walks, a lot of categories. That’s just something we don’t have. We’re

MacPhail discusses trade

President of baseball operations Andy MacPhail made it to the podium this afternoon, accompanied by manager Buck Showalter and Diamondbacks general manager Kevin Towers. The topic, of course, was today’s trade of third baseman Mark Reynolds to the Orioles for relievers David Hernandez and Kam Mickolio. “We made no secret of the fact that we were looking to augment our offense this off-season,” MacPhail said.

How does Reynolds trade impact Bell?

New Orioles third baseman Mark Reynolds is signed through 2012 with a team option for 2013. What does that mean for Josh Bell? It’s a fair question, since the Orioles only sought a one-year deal for a third baseman last winter because they didn’t want to block Bell. I haven’t spoken to president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail, who might shed more light on the

Hernandez: “It’s kind of a bittersweet reaction”

David Hernandez is still waiting to hear from the Diamondbacks, who completed their trade with the Orioles today. He’s been busy fielding calls from reporters and friends. “It’s kind of a bittersweet reaction, I guess,” Hernandez said. “I’ll be closer to home. That’s for sure. But I’ll miss all the friends and teammates I made along the way. That was my first organization coming into

Reynolds almost a wrap (it’s a wrap)

That’s the word spreading through the lobby of the Swan and Dolphin Resort here in Lake Buena Vista. The Orioles are close to finalizing a trade that would bring third baseman Mark Reynolds to Baltimore for reliever David Hernandez and one more bullpen arm. Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic tweets that Kam Mickolio is a strong possibility. I’ve talked to officials who question the

Let’s all go to the lobby (updated)

I’m set up in the media workroom again, with a clear view of the podium where team executives announce their winter trades and signings. Still waiting for the Orioles to take the microphone. It became more apparent during yesterday’s 20-minute interview with president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail that the club’s best chance to upgrade its lineup is via trade rather than a free-agent signing.

Don’t look for Beltre in Baltimore

Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail says he has more than one offer on the table for free agents. He won’t go into specifics, but Adrian Beltre isn’t one of them. MacPhail has spoken to Beltre’s agent, Scott Boras, but it’s apparent that the third baseman still has no interest in coming to Baltimore. Boras said earlier today that Beltre won’t dismiss teams based

AGon not gone; Werth off the board

Reports indicate that the Red Sox couldn’t reach agreement on a contract extension with first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, so their deal with the Padres could be dead. What does this mean for the Orioles? If they had any ideas about making a run at third baseman Adrian Beltre, and I have no indications that they’re willing to hand over a five-year contract, they better do

Off to Orlando

I’m minutes away from heading to the airport for my Southwest flight to Orlando and the start of Hell Week, also known as Major League Baseball’s winter meetings. I’ll be way past my feet in tweets, so I’ll need to watch my step. Reporters will try frantically to get their links posted first on mlbtraderumors, whether the news is accurate or not. The truth can

AGon is gone

Another day brings more news that a big-time slugger isn’t coming to Baltimore. Honestly, did anyone think the Orioles were going to trade for Adrian Gonzalez this winter? I love your optimism, but I never thought it would happen. I put it out of my mind a long time ago. Same with Prince Fielder. It’s a sad commentary, but I’ve grown more jaded as the

Talking hitting with Jim Presley

Fans love to talk about a hitting coach’s philosophy. Does he preach patience and working the count? Does he want his hitters to be aggressive and come to the plate in full attack mode? Does it vary depending on the situation and the hitter? Does he prefer Ginger or Mary Ann? (Put me down for Mary Ann.) I never got around to the last one

Should the Orioles engage in the usual hi-Jenks?

That was an extremely long reach. My apologies. The White Sox non-tendered closer Bobby Jenks and his facial hair, making him available on the free-agent market. The Orioles will kick the tires on him at next week’s winter meetings, if their leg hasn’t already swung. Jenks’ save total has dropped from 41 to 40 to 30 to 29 to 27 over the past five years.

No Dunn deal for Orioles

Is everyone refreshed after venting last night over the Adam Dunn news and, hopefully, getting a good night’s sleep? There’s still plenty of time to patch the holes in your walls and apologize to the cat. If you’re waiting breathlessly for the Orioles to reveal their minor league coaching staffs, it probably won’t happen until the middle of next week. A few openings might remain,

Albers non-tendered (w/Dunn update)

The Orioles declined to offer a contract to reliever Matt Albers, allowing him to become a free agent. Removing Albers from the 40-man roster lowers the total to 34. Albers went 11-12 with a 4.60 ERA in 146 games with the Orioles after they acquired him from the Astros on Dec. 12, 2007. The Orioles can re-sign Albers, but he’s free to seek a deal

Dunn off the board; Is Konerko next?

For those of you who aren’t attached to mlbtraderumors, it appears that the White Sox have reached agreement with free-agent first baseman Adam Dunn on a four-year, $56 million contract. Multiple reporters are tweeting it. Sounds like a nice deal for the White Sox. Nothing that sends up red flags or makes me wonder if there’s a gas leak at U.S. Cellular Field. According to

Albers a non-tender candidate

I’ve been awake since 5 a.m. May as well fire up the blog again and go back to bed later, where I’ll do a little more tossing and turning. That’ll be my cardio workout for the day. I’m still waiting for the Orioles to announce their minor league coaching staffs, but manager Gary Kendall is definitely moving up from short-season Single-A Aberdeen to Double-A Bowie,

Ernie Tyler update

Longtime Orioles umpire attendant Ernie Tyler is being transferred to a rehabilitation facility and continues to progress well after undergoing surgery to remove a benign brain tumor. Tyler’s son, Jimmy, passed along the news to an Orioles official. Ernie had been hospitalized at the University of Maryland Medical Center since Oct. 2 and underwent the surgery four days later. Continue to hold a good thought

Offer to Konerko?

Well, here’s your latest rumor: The Orioles have made a “significant” offer to free-agent first baseman Paul Konerko, according to a tweet from former executive Jim Bowden. This wouldn’t be a huge surprise, since the Orioles chased Konerko in the winter of 2005 and watched him take less money to re-sign with the Chicago White Sox. They need a first baseman with power. He’s a

The long and shortstop of it

It’s with great joy that I can finally proclaim, without fear of contradiction or late signing, that the ship has sailed on Miguel Tejada. Nothing against Tejada, but I wasn’t ready for another reunion. How can I miss him if he doesn’t leave? He’s gone, having reportedly agreed to a one-year, $6.5 million deal with the Giants last night. I didn’t think the Orioles would

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