Don’t book any plans with Vladimir Guerrero

So I’m back in the Carroll County Public Library this morning, not far from the Military History section.

I also see a Graphic Novels section. I just wonder how graphic we’re talking here.

My laptop worked for a few hours last night. Like brand new, actually. But sure enough, it’s back to its old tricks today. It’s playing dead.

I shot down the Vladimir Guerrero rumor last night, which might put my entry in the Military History section. However, I expect to field more questions about him before spring training. We have a Vlad obsession here at SOR.

Fans still want to know how the Orioles would make room for him, even as team officials continue to focus on starting pitching and relief. If they add another hitter, it’s most likely going to be a potential bench player signed to a minor league contract.

Things change, of course. I was reminded of the Sammy Sosa incident (not to be confused with the spitting incident), where former executive Mike Flanagan told me to shoot down the trade rumor with “the biggest bullet you’ve got.” I did, in print and on a Chicago radio station. The next day, the Orioles announced the trade.

Things change.

I almost needed to change my pants, but we’ll leave that visual alone.

Again, Guerrero’s price would have to come way down. That’s always a possibility as the market for him dries up, but it’s still a longshot that he signs with the Orioles. “Inside track” just isn’t accurate.

Beware of sources close to a player, because you never know what that player is being told. Sometimes it’s accurate, sometimes it isn’t.

Anyway, I bring up Guerrero again because I may as well answer the question about how his inclusion on the 25-man roster would impact other players. It’s either this, or I start perusing the Romance section.

Guerrero would be the full-time designated hitter. He doesn’t have a position anymore, except standing upright in the batter’s box. Luke Scott would be traded or moved to left field. If Scott went to left field, the Orioles most likely would attempt to deal Felix Pie, since he’s also a left-handed hitter and still has some value to other teams.

My question is, would it make sense for the Orioles to sign Guerrero for one year and give up Scott or Pie? Why do so many fans want him for the extremely short-term - and he could be flipped at the non-waiver trade deadline - if this team isn’t a Vladimir Guerrero away from contending?

Or do you think his bat puts them over the top and into the playoffs in 2011?

If so, it makes more sense. If you don’t, then you’re potentially giving up Scott or Pie for a rental. And a pretty old one, though his bat had new life last season.

I suppose we could have this same debate over a unicorn, but the chances are slightly better that the Orioles sign Guerrero.

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