Quick Vlady update

Before my time runs out on this library computer - 19 minutes and counting - I wanted to address the report that the Orioles have the inside track on signing free-agent outfielder Vladimir Guerrero.

I just checked with a team official to see whether something had changed since I was told recently that the Orioles didn’t expect to add a designated hitter, and certainly not Guerrero unless his price came tumbling down. I received a text back saying “nope.”

At this point, it doesn’t sound like they have the inside track.

I was previously told not to completely dismiss the possibility, but again, Guerrero would be signed only at a bargain price.

I don’t sense that we’ve reached that point. The official didn’t give any indication that Guerrero was about to fall into his lap, or that sudden negotiations had taken place that changed the Vlady landscape.

But hey, what’s one more rumor?

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