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CLEARWATER, Fla. - Manager Buck Showalter said Derrek Lee’s right wrist is “about the same at the very best” before revealing that the first baseman is visiting a hand specialist today.

Nothing is imminent regarding Lee’s debut with the Orioles.

On the plus side, his thumb is fine.

“It’s nothing to the surgery side. That feels great,” Showalter said. “I don’t want to say tendinitis until they diagnose it. He’s going to see a specialist in Sarasota just to make sure we know what we are dealing with.”

Asked if he’s concerned about Lee, Showalter replied, “We’re OK, we’re OK. I really like the fact that the actual surgery and all, that feels real good. This is a little something different. You have something that inactive that long, all of a sudden you start doing other things, sometimes it kind of flares up a little bit. I think we will have a better idea at the end of the day what we are dealing with.”

Lee told reporters this morning that he should be ready for opening day after getting 20 to 30 at-bats.

“I’ll go along with what Derrek feels like for the most part,” Showalter said. “He’s been along quite a few spring trainings as a major league hitter. I’d lean on him for that.”

Brian Roberts is dealing with back spasms and is tentative for tomorrow afternoon’s game against the Minnesota Twins in Sarasota.

“We’ll see if that will take care of itself overnight,” Showalter said.

“He said he did it two, three days ago during the stretching. It kind of came back. He felt good last night. He had it from stretching and just tweaked it a little bit. It went way and he played the game. He came in today and it flared up again.”

Roberts dived into first base in the first inning of last night’s game against the New York Yankees, but there’s no way to determine whether the impact brought back the spasms today.

“He’s going to take chances when April gets here,” Showalter said. “It’s a tough thing to do. It’s a reactionary thing. He’s trying to get to the bag as fast as he can. But I’d rather see him ... you’ve got to be a little cautious there, too. But it’s one thing to say it, and in the heat of action it’s tough to do when that’s part of your game.

“He came out of that fine from what he told Richie (Bancells), but it was good to see him get up from the bag.”

Cesar Izturis could miss a few games after rolling his left ankle yesterday in Fort Myers.

“Izzy is a little puffy, a little sore today,” Showalter said while reciting the injury roll call. “Decided to leave him there. He was originally on this trip. It’ll be good to get a chance to see (Pedro) Florimon. Been wanting to play him more anyway. But he should probably be a day or two.”

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