Roberts out at least 3 more weeks (updated)

A concussion specialist in Pittsburgh recommended no physical activity for Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts for two more weeks.

Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail passed along the news to reporters a few minutes ago. MacPhail said in an ideal scenario, Roberts would return to the lineup a week after he’s cleared to begin baseball-related activities, “but it could be longer.”

Roberts hasn’t played in the last eight days after diving into first base during a May 16 game in Boston. He’s bothered by concussion-like symptoms that he’s likened to motion sickness. He met today with Dr. Michael Collins in Pittsburgh.

“They recommend that he not do any physical activity for two weeks and be reevaluated,” MacPhail said. “He could come quickly after that or not. They don’t know. But right now the prescription is two weeks of inactivity and then reevaluate.”

MacPhail never had a timetable in mind for Roberts’ return.

“When you’re dealing with these things you don’t know,” he said. “Really, it’s a science we’re just starting to understand. We’re just probably scratching the surface on that stuff, so you don’t know.”

Roberts will be moved from the seven-day to the 15-day disabled list in what’s basically a paper move. The transaction is backdated to May 17.

“He’s definitely improving, definitely better, but there are some things that indicate that he would be best served by no physical activity or limited activity for a couple weeks,” MacPhail said.

Asked if these symptoms could linger, MacPhail said, “You don’t know. The fearing is not going to get anything done. It could or it couldn’t. You just have to let these things play out. Different players, historically, it went much longer than people expected, and others came back relatively quickly. You’ve got to take them individually.”

MacPhail left open the possibility that the Orioles will look outside the organization for a replacement at second base.

“We will look at other things,” he said. “There are a variety of ways we can go, particularly now it’s complicated because we’ve got guys coming off the DL and we don’t know exactly when they’re coming off. There are some moving pieces and I would expect that the roster’s going to be in flux here for the next week or two as we make whatever adjustments we think we have to make to deal with it.”

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