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I couldn’t come up with an “other.” My bad.

For anyone who’s still floating the theory that the Orioles are withholding confirmation on Andy MacPhail’s status because teams can’t make announcements during the playoffs, I point you toward the Chicago White Sox, who named Robin Ventura as their new manager yesterday afternoon.

The Ventura news came after the Red Sox confirmed that Terry Francona wouldn’t return as manager and the Angels cleaned out their front office. Other teams have dismissed and hired coaches.

Major League Baseball may frown upon the timing, but you can’t please everyone.

As I’ve stated, the holdup with MacPhail has nothing to do with MLB rules and desires. And it won’t last through the postseason.

I almost promise it.

Shifting topics, I asked manager Buck Showalter last week whether he’s anticipating a large turnover of personnel on the roster next season.

“It’s a comparison thing, this guy compared to that guy,” he replied. “I don’t know exactly what’s going to present itself. I don’t know exactly until you see the way the tea leaves are.

“There’s a lot of things here that would be a lot more palatable if we can figure out the starting pitching part of it. We’re not talking about 15 shutouts in a row, just ...”

Recording 15 outs would be nice.

Once again, it’s obvious that the rotation is the No. 1 priority this winter. But will the Orioles spend on it?

“Baseball history will tell you that the biggest risk factor is multi-year contracts for pitchers,” Showalter said.

Should I take that as a “no?”

Former Oriole Jamie Moyer, who turns 49 next month, wants to pitch next season after undergoing Tommy John surgery on his left elbow in December 2010. He’s serious about making a comeback.

He’s not the top-of-the-rotation starter that the Orioles need, but I thought it was worth mentioning. You’ve got to be rooting for the guy. One of the real class acts in baseball.

Showalter has heaped praise on catcher Matt Wieters for his work behind the plate - especially the way he fields difficult throws and applies the tags so smoothly - and for his increase in power. Here’s more:

“The one thing a lot of people miss about Wieters’ year is, think about how many pitchers he caught this year - different repertoires, different pitching patterns. Some of them without really a lot of bullets for him to choose from. And I see him grinding, trying to find the perfect pitch for this guy, and then here comes this guy, here comes this guy. The mental toughness he’s had ... because he takes every pitch a pitcher throws personally. I go to the mound sometimes and he’s just gnashing his teeth. It bothers him.”

The Wikipedia page for Hayden Penn, traded to the Marlins for Robert Andino on April 1, 2009, says he didn’t pitch for the Chiba Lotte Marines this year after undergoing elbow surgery. But the team’s stats page says he went 2-1 with a 2.70 ERA in three games, with 17 hits allowed, five walks and 10 strikeouts in 20 innings.

Either way, the trade still looks like a winner for the Orioles.

Does anyone know how Ryan Adams’ sports hernia surgery turned out?

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