Showalter speaks after 7-3 loss in Game 2

Manager Buck Showalter asked reporters whether they saw enough baseball today.

We’ve seen enough to last a lifetime, considering how many innings this team has played since it arrived in Boston last week.

Tommy Hunter gave the Orioles six innings and 91 pitches while working on three days’ rest.

“Tommy made a lot of quality pitches down, which you have to do with that club, and he kept us in that ballgame,” Showalter said. “Had a changeup that he’s trying to throw off the plate away and jerked it across on the home run to Hamilton, but he kept us in that ballgame. That was his last hitter. Obviously, with three days’ rest, but six before that, we weren’t going to go too long with him. We could have got some shutdowns after that, but that’s a hard club to shut down.”

The Orioles must decide whether to send down Hunter tomorrow to make room for Dana Eveland, who’s at the ballpark tonight.

“I’m going to gather information from people smarter than me and see what all the dynamics are, what this means and that means,” Showalter said. “A lot of the pieces are kind of floating until (Jason Hammel), we decide when and where he starts next because we could move some things around. But the front office has done a good job keeping the flexibility with some moves and stuff to let us go a lot of different ways.

“We know that Dana’s going to pitch tomorrow, and we’ll see where that takes us. Obviously, we’re going to have to make room for him, not only on the 25 but on the 40.”

Josh Hamilton hit another home run, his 15th of the season and his sixth in this series.

Is Showalter happy to see him leave town?

“There’s good players coming in behind him,” Showalter replied. “Tampa’s a perennial playoff team. It’s playing at this level. There’s another challenge right behind it. We beat them in the first game and were close to beating them in the second game. Just got to turn the page and move on.

“Played a 13-inning game, 17-inning game and 18 innings today. To get through it, hopefully - knock on wood - physically ... We’ll see where we are at the end of the game and tomorrow.”

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