Showalter talks about Reimold and more

NEW YORK - Manager Buck Showalter updated reporters on Nolan Reimold’s tingling fingers and Tsuyoshi Wada’s aching left elbow.

Showalter confirmed that Reimold has a bulging disk in his back and won’t play in the last two games of this series. The Orioles are hoping that Reimold joins them in Boston for the three-game series that begins on Friday.

“They’re trying a Medrol Dosepack to see if they can get the swelling down,” Showalter said. “There’s the potential that he could join us in Boston and play, but the doctor’s recommendation is to just let it quiet down there. Hopefully, it sounds worse than it actually is. If he doesn’t get relief from it, then we’ll see what the next step is.

“Last night when he got back to the hotel, he called Richie (Bancells) and said he had some tingling, numbness, in his fingers, which is common with a bulging disk. Richie got him on a train this morning back to our people to look at it.”

Reimold’s neck stiffness apparently was caused by the disk.

“I would think so, and that’s what they’re thinking,” Showalter said. “It all kind of works off the same thing. The body spasms like that, it’s trying to tell you something. It resolved to the point where he could play, and we actually thought we wanted one extra day just to be on the safe side, but it cropped back up again. He was swinging the bat well, too.

“We’re trying to keep him off trains, planes and automobiles. Usually, that Medrol Dosepack, if it’s going to solve the issue, it’s a couple days.”

Asked whether he has enough outfield depth to get by without Reimold, Showalter replied, “I keep looking for a way to get everyone involved, but with Ryan (Flaherty), it’s kind of tough to run Ryan out there because of his flexibility he gives us on the bench if something happens to somebody. Ryan plays a key role.

“Mark Reynolds has played outfield before. So has (Wilson) Betemit. That’s one of the things you keep an eye on, the history of where guys have played. You’ve got to be able to do those things. And shame on you if you wait for two months to do it all of a sudden.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Lewis Yocum spoke to Bancells and executive vice president Dan Duquette earlier today regarding the MRI and CT scan taken on Wada’s left elbow. Yocum is prepared to make his recommendation, which could lead to surgery and a lost season for Wada.

Hitting coach Jim Presley still hasn’t rejoined the team. He was hospitalized early this morning with another kidney stone, which put him in tremendous pain and caused him to stop at a hospital closer to the team hotel than his original destination.

“He was screaming at the cabbie, ‘Let me out,’ and the guy basically just kind of dumped him out there because I think Jim scared him to death,” Showalter said. “He’s got two in there. He had three. This one stuck around the bladder, I’m told. I don’t think we’ll see Jim tonight.

“Not good. He woke up around 3:30 or 4 with it.”

Presley left the team after the Chicago series, missing the Anaheim series, and passed the first stone.

Reynolds isn’t in the lineup tonight, so his average is stuck at .143 in 19 games. He didn’t homer in April for the first time in his career.

“Mark’s had his ups and downs and he’ll get back and get going,” Showalter said. “He’ll play tomorrow and he’ll play in Boston. I want to get Nick Johnson kind of off the schneid.

“I’ve talked to Mark like I always do. I’m not frustrated at him, I’m frustrated for him because I know he’s capable of better, and this isn’t some road that hasn’t been gone down before. He’s better and he’ll find it and he’ll get it going and people won’t be able to get him out for a while and he’ll do some really good things for us, hopefully starting tomorrow.”

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