Showalter talks about rotation, Reimold and Wada

NEW YORK - Manager Buck Showalter explained to reporters earlier today why Tommy Hunter is being held back until Sunday in Boston, with Jason Hammel moving up a day.

“Tommy’s had an ingrown toenail that he’s had cut on,” Showalter said. “I just want to give him a couple extra days and get him back to 100 percent. He’ll tell you that he is, but we had an opportunity and we’ll see if we can give him a couple extra days there.

“He threw today. He’s fine. He feels good. I just thought we weren’t going to have this opportunity much up north. We’ll try to fresh up his everything a little bit.

“He’ll tell you he’s fine, that he’s ready to go, but it’s best that he gets a couple extra days.”

After tomorrow, the Orioles don’t have another day off until May 24.

Nothing new to report with Nolan Reimold. The Orioles are still waiting for the anti-inflammatory to work on the bulging disk in his cervical spine.

“It’s up high around the neck, basically,” Showalter said. “Still hopeful to see him in Boston. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.”

Showalter agreed with Tsuyoshi Wada’s decision to undergo ligament-reconstructive surgery on his left elbow on May 11 in Los Angeles.

“I try to look at it as positive as it can be in that we’ve identified the problem, and now with the way medicine is and surgical procedures, we can proceed about getting him ready for next year. Simple as that. The sooner, the better,” Showalter said.

“I’m glad that he’s getting it done soon. He’s listened to some good people and they concurred with what our doctor said. And I don’t blame him for getting a second opinion, especially someone (Dr. Lewis Yocum) who saw him from the get-go and has seen how much change there’s been since the original physical. It’s obvious he has a problem, and fortunately for him, it can be taken care of.

“I look forward to him being a pitcher for us next year.”

It’s usually a year before a pitcher can return from this surgery, but Showalter said, “I think it could potentially be earlier.”

“A lot of times, you get in there and you find out some things you don’t know,” he said. “Once the doctor gets in there and sees exactly what you’re dealing with, he’ll give you a better idea about the rehab period. But he’ll start right away. That’s another great thing about the facility we have down in Sarasota. Obviously, he’ll spend a lot of time there once he’s ready for that.”

Did you know that, from 2009-2011, Albert Pujols (126) and Mark Reynolds (113) ranked first and third, respectively, in home runs? Neither player has hit one this season.

The Orioles have a chance to hold the Yankees to two runs or fewer in three straight games in the Bronx for the first time since May 31-Aug. 4, 1978. Mike Flanagan did it twice - combining with reliever Don Stanhouse the second time - and Jim Palmer tossed a shutout in between.

Left-handed batters are 1-for-15 against Darren O’Day this season.

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