Orioles news scarce night before Winter Meetings

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The size of the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center hasn’t been exaggerated. It’s like a small town.

Actually, it’s like a regular town. There’s nothing small about this place.

I’m carrying two maps with routes highlighted to the media workroom and my hotel room. I’ve gotten lost multiple times.

An elderly woman walked me to an elevator after I checked in, because it was easier than repeating her directions, and another one steered me back to the main lobby after I ended up in the exact same spot that I had vacated about 30 minutes earlier. I actually made a full circle.

Big Ben, Parliament. Big Ben, Parliament.

As for Orioles news, well, there isn’t any at the moment. The meetings don’t officially begin until Monday morning and it’s been fairly quiet.

Executive vice president Dan Duquette and various front office personnel were on my delayed flight out of Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport. Duquette politely declined my offer of the middle seat.

CBSSports.com later quoted Duquette as saying that the Orioles are “probably not” going to be able to sign Josh Hamilton, which we knew all along. The Orioles never have been in on Hamilton, but the rumor started at the GM meetings.

CBSSports.com also reported that the Orioles are looking for a left fielder, first baseman, second baseman and veteran pitcher. Duquette stated previously that his club has enough candidates at second base, so it’s worth checking whether his opinion has changed.

Duquette will meet with the local beat crew in an hour. I’ll file something later tonight if I make it back to the workroom before sunrise. I’ll just follow the trail of breadcrumbs.

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