Sifting through more rumors

If it brings any comfort at all, executive vice president Dan Duquette hasn’t stopped trying to add a starting pitcher or a hitter for the middle of the lineup.

The effort is there. It’s the results that are lacking.

Again, the Orioles aren’t choosing to stand pat. They just haven’t made a deal yet as we move into the second week of January. There’s a difference.

I heard last night that the Tigers and Cubs are discussing a potential trade involving pitcher Rick Porcello, who also interests the Orioles. Now here’s the rumored kicker: The Tigers are trying to get the Orioles involved because they want shortstop J.J. Hardy, and they don’t feel as though the Cubs have the necessary components to make it a two-team trade.

For this to happen, the Cubs would have to send pitching to the Orioles as part of a three-way deal.

I still don’t think the Orioles are willing to part with Hardy unless they’re absolutely overwhelmed by an offer. They love the left side of their infield. They’re not looking to shift Manny Machado to shortstop in 2013.

Also, since the Orioles have discussed Porcello, why would they need the Cubs to get involved? Just deal directly.

Anyway, that’s the word on the street. We’ll see what transpires.’s Ken Rosenthal tweeted last night that the Orioles are one of the teams that has pursued Diamondbacks outfielder Justin Upton, exhibiting “strong interest a few weeks back, but talks sputtered.”

They sputtered because Arizona is asking for a lot in return, wanting to dig deep into the Orioles supply of young pitching. Dylan Bundy’s name always comes up. The Orioles always resist.

The Orioles had talked to the Diamondbacks last month about another of their outfielders, Jason Kubel, but there doesn’t seem to be a match.

Duquette indicated at the Winter Meetings that he didn’t need another outfielder after re-signing Nate McLouth. I guess that depends on the other outfielders who are made available.

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