Rhodes, Tatis and more from Adair (updated)

I’ve heard from a few people in the organization that the Orioles aren’t likely to sign left-hander Arthur Rhodes or infielder Fernando Tatis to minor league contracts.

Rhodes threw for the Orioles this week and Tatis worked out for them in the Dominican Republic, as The Sun reported, but a reunion doesn’t appear to be in the cards.

Rhodes still lives in the area - I saw him in Ocean City last summer and he attended FanFest in January - but the Orioles really don’t need another left-handed reliever. Factor in that he’s 43, and it figured to be a long shot.

Doesn’t hurt to look, though.

Update: Someone else in the organization described Rhodes’ tryout as a “courtesy.” Rhodes approached the Orioles about it. He wanted to find out whether he had anything left in the tank. The Orioles aren’t going to sign him.

I’ll remind some fans that executive vice president Dan Duquette and new director of minor league operations Kent Qualls didn’t fly to the Dominican just to work out Tatis. As I wrote on Sunday, they were checking out some of their players in the team’s year-round developmental program.

The Orioles figure to bring at least two more pitchers to camp - Jair Jurrjens and Mark Hendrickson - and they may not be done.

Pitching coach Rick Adair will be kept busy, as we discussed earlier this week on the “Hot Stove Baseball” show on WBAL Radio.

“It’s a lot more fun and interesting because I think we’ve got several guys competing for the rotation and we have guys who can give us length,” Adair said. “You start out this thing as early as we start this year, you build guys up as far as innings. Through our first 10 days, there will be guys getting two and three innings of work. That’s going to give us a chance to see multiple guys as they start to get stretched out, which I think is real interesting.

“We’ve got guys leaving for the WBC with (Pedro) Strop and (Luis) Ayala, as I think it is right now. J.J. (Jim Johnson) and (Darren) O’Day, you aren’t going to get those guys going from day one when the games start, so you’ve got a lot of chances to get some guys in and get them multiple innings and see how they look.”

Adair is impressed, and not surprised, that so many of his younger pitchers are looking forward to competing for jobs.

“You guys were with us so much, I don’t really have to say a thing about the makeup and character of these guys,” Adair said. “There’s not one guy I’d look at and say, ‘This guy doesn’t compete,’ or, ‘He has bad makeup,’ or, ‘He has issues.’ It’s an unbelievable group when it comes to makeup and character.

“I’m kind of like you, where I would rather have someone say, ‘You’ve got this job,’ but these guys want to compete, and that’s why they’re where they are.”

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