The scheduling conflict

Since the Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII (that’s 47 to you and me), they’re expected to host the first Thursday night game of 2013 on Sept. 5.

The Orioles are supposed to play the Chicago White Sox on that same night at Camden Yards.

Yes, we have a conflict, and fans already are asking whether the Orioles will move their game to another time or date.

No decision has been made, but there are a few options. None of them include playing the two games at the same time. It just won’t work. Traffic and parking, you know?

The Orioles could move up their start to early afternoon. I’m talking real early, like at noon.

Both baseball teams are playing 7:05 p.m. games on the road on Sept. 4 - the Orioles in Cleveland, the White Sox in New York. It’s not cross-country travel, but it’s still a bit of an inconvenience.

It’s also possible that the Orioles will move their game to Sept. 6 or 7 as part of a doubleheader.

The White Sox make only one trip to Camden Yards, so rescheduling the game during another visit isn’t an option. However, the teams could find a common off day, which seems like a worse idea than a noon start or a doubleheader. Players don’t like giving up those off days.

For sports fans in this city, it’s certainly a pleasant problem, and one that eventually will be resolved. Just not yet.

Stay tuned.

Update: I’ve heard from a few people who suggest that the Ravens move their opener to Sept. 4. Would the NFL allow it? Has it happened in the past because of a baseball conflict?

Who wants to do the research?

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