More from today’s game and Urrutia (O’s win 19-7)

SARASOTA, Fla. - This game is moving too quickly for me to track.

Seriously though, Niuman Romero had an RBI single in the fifth and Zach Britton gave up another run in the sixth - his third of the day in two innings.

Adrian Marin bounced an RBI single into left field with the bases loaded and no outs in the bottom of the sixth, and Buck Britton had a sacrifice fly.

Orioles 10, Team Spain 4.

Zach Britton allowed four hits, walked a batter and struck out one. He also threw three wild pitches. Buck Britton played second base in the sixth inning, putting both brothers on the field.

Darren O’Day will make his spring debut in the seventh.

Update: Well, we’re still in the sixth and the Orioles are leading, 17-4, after a bases-loaded walk to Brian Ward, a two-run single by Chris Dickerson, a two-run double by Jason Pridie and a two-run homer by Travis Ishikawa.

It’s a nine-run inning, folks.

Time for the Orioles to take a knee and run out the clock.

Update II: O’Day allowed two runs and three hits. Guess he’s not used to pitching with a 13-run lead.

Orioles 17, Spain 6.

Jim Johnson will make his spring debut in the eighth. It’s not a save situation.

Update III: Johnson allowed a leadoff triple, and a run scored on a throwing error by Ward.

Johnson was protecting a 13-run lead after Adam Greenberg’s RBI single and Chris Dickerson’s sacrifice fly in the seventh made the score 19-6. Now it’s 19-7.

Johnson struck out one batter and he shattered a bat on a pop up. His fastball routinely hit 91 mph. I will not be asking him about his velocity after the game.

Update IV: Eduardo Rodriguez, another pitcher making his spring debut, recorded the last three outs in the Orioles’ 19-7 win. He allowed a leadoff single before getting a double play.

Rodriguez is likely headed to the minor league side this week when the Orioles make their first round of cuts. Nice to see him get into a game.

The Orioles will conduct an open tryout to find ballgirls and ballboys for the 2013 season at noon Saturday at Camden Yards. Judges will include members of the Orioles’ front office, MASN broadcaster Jim Hunter, former Orioles catcher Chris Hoiles, Reagan Warfield of MIX 106.5 and Greg Carpenter of LITE 101.9.

You must be 18 or older and available to work throughout the season. Enter the ballpark through home plate plaza on the southwest corner. Complimentary parking will be available in Lot A.

Bring a glove, a resume and a personality.

And now, here’s the long-awaited second part of Henry Urrutia’s press conference, with Felipe Alou, Jr. serving as interpreter.

Urrutia wore black sweat bands on his forearms with his name stitched in yellow letters. Pretty cool. Sounds like a nice giveaway item if he reaches the majors.

Get on it, Orioles.

On his favorite thing about the U.S.:
“He said if he could sleep on a baseball field, he’d probably do it. That’s what he is actually focusing on. He hasn’t been able to go out or anything like that, but he’s not worrying about that. Right now, his main thing is just baseball. He was in Miami for a day but he didn’t really get to do anything. He was just looking forward to coming here, showing up and going out on the field.”

On how the food is here:
“Totally different. He’ll get used to it. Back there, there’s a lot of rice, grease. Here, everything is healthier. He said he’ll get used to that. He is working on that.”

On decision to stop switch-hitting:
“He said this actually started back in Cuba. Unless you are really one of the top players on the team, they pay more attention to your switch-hitting. If you are not, they usually try to keep you on one-hand. That’s what they did. When he got to the Dominican, he started switch-hitting again. Once he started trying out for teams, they pretty much asked him to stay to the left side because that’s his best hitting side.”

On attending the Orioles’ game in Cuba in 1999:
“He was present at the game in Cuba. They really enjoyed it. They could see the bonding among the players, the Cubans and the Orioles players. He said it was something real special. The Cuban people really appreciated that.”

On his thoughts on Yoenes Cespedes playing in the U.S. after leaving Cuba:
“His idea is not to play in the minor leagues. When he got out of Cuba, his dream is to be a big league player, the way Yoenis did last year. The kind of year he put up, kind of just pushes (Urrutia and other Cubans) to give more and to work harder, just preparation for them. Like he says, he is not here to be a minor league player. That’s his dream (to be a major leaguer) and he is going to work hard for it.”

On how closely he followed the majors:
“He said he tried every way he could to follow the games and follow the players, even if he had to go to a hotel and sit at the hotel lobby to watch the games, watch ESPN. Some guys will also record the games and they’ll get together and watch it. Sometimes, they’ll try the internet when they have access to it. But, yeah, he tried every way he could to follow the games, the players. He mentioned a childhood idol, Bernie Williams. He looked up to him when he was a kid. He tried every way he can.”

Before leaving the room, Urrutia made a final statement.

“He just wanted to say thanks to the organization for giving him this opportunity. He is thanking Dan (Duquette) for following up on him all this time. He was thanking the Dominican staff for following up on his case and staying in touch with him. He is really happy to be an Oriole. He is looking forward to this opportunity and he is ready to go.”

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