Hearing from Gonzalez and Davis

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Orioles pitcher Miguel Gonzalez couldn’t avoid Yunel Escobar’s sharp grounder in the fifth inning, but he dodged an injury.

The ball nailed Gonzalez in the shin as Escobar reached on an infield hit. However, Gonzalez stayed in the game and lasted 6 1/3 innings in the Orioles’ 6-3 win over Tampa Bay.

“It skinned me,” Gonzalez said. “Good thing it didn’t hit me straight up or I probably would have been out of the game. But I’m all right. I feel good.”

Manager Buck Showalter joined head athletic trainer Richie Bancells on the field to check on Gonzalez.

“It was just concern about how was I feeling,” Gonzalez said. “I told him I feel good. Had adrenaline going and just felt great. I wasn’t worried about it too much.”

First baseman Chris Davis put a hurting on the Rays with 11 RBIs in the series.

The ball “looks pretty good,” Davis said. “I’m feeling comfortable in the box. We’re had quite a few runners on when I’ve been at the plate, which is always fun, because if you get a hit most of those guys are going to score.

“We played really well here with the exception of the middle game and we just kind of let that game get away from us. But I definitely think this series is one to be happy with.”

Davis was told that he’s the first player to collect 11 or more RBIs in the first three games Philadelphia’s Dolph Camilli with 12 in 1935.

“It’s awesome, but the bottom line is it’s about winning baseball games,” Davis said. “I have basically been trying to keep it simple and do my job. I think we have a lot of guys in this lineup who can do a lot of things with the bat and we’ve proven that over the last three days.

“There are times when you hit pitches that were good pitches. I think my third at bat today, the ball I hit to left center, it was actually a good pitch. When you feel good at the plate and things are going right for you, you’re going to get those hits, so I just try to keep it rolling.”

I’m packing up and rolling to the Tampa airport. We’ll talk later.

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