Showalter speaks after 2-0 win

Orioles manager Buck Showalter got eight scoreless innings out of Freddy Garcia tonight. He considered letting Garcia come back out for the ninth.

“He’s not going to sweat any more than he already is,” Showalter said. “Man, he had a great lather going tonight. I think he changed shirts two or three times. He wears a 54 jersey. That’s a big shirt, more room to sweat in.”

Well played.

Jim Johnson retired all three batters he faced in the ninth to record his 17th save in the Orioles’ 2-0 victory over the Nationals.

Garcia picked up his first win at Camden Yards as an Oriole, allowing three hits, walking none and striking out six.

“He had everything available to him,” Showalter said. “Threw enough fastballs. And people miss that Freddy’s got a good split. He didn’t elevate many balls, and when he did, he did it on purpose just to change the eye level and the release point. Seeing balls come out of the same window. One stays up and one goes down. Makes it tough. He had a good tempo for him. Kind of fit in there nice.

“He got in a nice rhythm. He and Matt (Wieters) were on the same page. He had a lot of weapons for Matt to use. There weren’t many shake offs. A lot of good defensive plays behind him. There wasn’t much margin of error for us there, so he couldn’t let his guard down.”

Garcia won’t light up the radar guns anymore, but he put on a clinic on how to pitch.

“A couple times I looked down and (Kevin) Gausman was intently watching him pitch. That’s a good exposure,” Showalter said.

“He pitches. I think he knows himself. A lot of guys, it takes them a while to really get to know themselves. He’s changed over the years. I got to see him in Seattle when he was 93-95. It was fun to watch.

“More’s not always better. It’s OK if you put more and that savvy. Then you’ve got a chance to be real consistent for a long time. Freddy’s margin for error isn’t near what guys who have that pure stuff’s margin for error is. When Tommy (Hunter) is throwing the ball 99-100, he might miss a spot here and there and get away with it. Freddy knows he can’t do that. But he knows himself. It’s kind of like knowing who you are as a team and as an organization. Same way with Freddy.”

Eight home runs last night, two runs total tonight. Maybe it isn’t the ballpark or the humidity.

“I think everybody might have been a little spent from last night swinging hard, huh?” Showalter said. “No, both guys pitched pretty well, obviously. That’s what makes you go to the games. You don’t know what’s going to happen. You don’t know what the boys have in store for you. That’s what makes the game so great. You think you’ve got it figured out and something always reminds you that it’s human beings. That’s why it’s fun to watch, especially when you end up on the better side.”

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