Clevenger confirms he’s made the club (Twins pitching change)

SARASOTA, Fla. - Steve Clevenger says he was called into manager Buck Showalter’s office yesterday and told that he made the club.

Clevenger’s agent, Joshua Kusnick, tweeted the news last night, but it’s always nice to get confirmation.

“They called me in and told me, but I’m going to continue to play out the spring. You just never know what could happen between now and then,” said Clevenger, who graduated from Mount Saint Joseph and lived in Pigtown.

“I just tried not to concentrate too much on it and just go out and play, and at the end of spring let Dan (Duquette) and Buck make that decision. But I’m very happy about making the team and I’m going to continue to work hard and leave no doubt.”

It should be quite a homecoming and a thrill for Clevenger when he’s introduced on opening day.

“It’s going to be an exciting time, but I’m not going to look forward to that,” he said. “Just go out and get my work done while I’m here in spring, and hopefully when that day comes, I get to run down that carpet.”

Update: Kyle Gibson is no longer listed as the Twins’ starter today. Mike Pelfrey is taking his place.

Pelfrey was supposed to start in a minor league game after yesterday’s rainout, but the field is too wet. He gets the start against the Orioles, with Gibson pitching in relief.

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