Showalter on an injury in bullpen, Hunter and Santana

ARLINGTON, Texas - Are the Orioles poised to make another roster move?

Manager Buck Showalter hinted at it during today’s pregame session with the media. Apparently, there’s a health issue in the bullpen.

“You get to the park and there’s one or two things you weren’t expecting,” he said. “We’ve got a couple we’re kind of looking at that may alter some things. But not tonight. One of them potentially might. We’ll sit down with Dave (Wallace) and Dom (Chiti) after we get through with everything and see where we are with everybody.”

Reliever Tommy Hunter isn’t eligible to come off the disabled list until Thursday, and he won’t make that date. Monday is more likely after he completes a brief rehab assignment.

“Tommy threw a side with Dave and Dom,” Showalter said. “That went well. Did a little light PFP. The plan is to do some more PFP tomorrow and see if he will go out and pitch on Thursday or if he needs another side day. That’s kind of where we are in the decision process.”

Showalter indicated today that he could go to a six-man rotation when Johan Santana comes off the disabled list, perhaps as early as June 19. Santana is expected to start one game for Triple-A Norfolk and one for Double-A Bowie.

“I could if I wanted to. Not saying I’m going to, but could,” Showalter said.

“I don’t think there will be anything difficult about it. I’ve been hinting around about going to six starters anyway. That’s easy to solve. It’s not a problem. Anytime there are good pitchers available, I’m in, especially with his pedigree.

“He’s already made an impact in the organization just being around the guys. They rave about how he is down in extended spring training with all the young kids. Been great. And especially all the Latin kids we have down there. It’s been great to have a great role model that speaks Spanish.”

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