Showalter on Machado, the Bundys and more

Orioles manager Buck Showalter passed along the update today on Manny Machado’s knee surgery.

It was a success. Go figure.

“Manny’s surgery went real well. That was good to hear,” Showalter said.

“Started at 9 o’clock (our) time, 6 o’clock their time. You always want that first surgery. Brady (Anderson) was telling me last night he’d want the second one. Let (the surgeon) kind of get in the flow a little bit. Make sure he got plenty of sleep the night before.

“He didn’t want the first one. He didn’t want the last one. Make sure the instruments are real clean. It’s funny now, right? They’re clean all the time.

“The doctor said everything went well as expected. Without mentioning the doctor’s name. But what they thought was going to happen and what they thought they were going to find.”

Without mentioning the doctor’s name. Good one.

“Manny will spend three weeks there,” Showalter said. “I’m not sure yet whether he will go directly to Sarasota or maybe come here. If you look at the schedule, we’ve got an off-day the 18th and three games at home, so I don’t know if he’ll come here and then go to Sarasota or just go directly to Sarasota. We’ll see.”

The Orioles optioned left-hander Wei-Yin Chen to the Gulf Coast League team today and will recall him for Sunday’s start against the Twins.

We should expect another roster move, right?

“Potentially,” Showalter said. “There are some ways. You could look at it that way. There are some other ways you can address it, too.”

I have no idea what that would entail, but the Orioles are masters at finding loopholes.

Catcher Steve Clevenger, the Pride of Pigtown, is back in Baltimore.

“We’ve been playing short a position player for a while and we thought this was an opportunity to take care of that problem,” Showalter said. “Give us a better chance to win tonight is what it’s about, and a better chance to win tomorrow night.”

The Orioles could make another move before Sept. 1, again sending out a starting pitcher.

“We’ll consider anything that gives us a better chance to win the game that night and doesn’t jeoparize anything we’re doing in the future down the road,” Showalter said.

“Let’s see what the game brings tonight. We’ll let each game dictate where we are and what our needs are and try to put our best foot forward every night as long as it doesn’t create a problem down the road that we can’t correct.”

bundy-throwing-sidebar.jpg>Dylan Bundy visited Camden Yards yesterday. He remains on the Single-A Frederick disabled list with a strained lat muscle, but he’s doing much better.

“The goal and the hope now for him is to have a normal offseason of a healthy pitcher, which he is,” Showalter said. “The issue he’s had with his lat has just about resolved itself.”

Bundy may return to Frederick and be marked as “healthy,” Showalter said.

“Just so he can start his offseason, which in some cases would mean doing nothing for a while. I think that would be good for him,” Showalter added.

“I know Brady (Anderson) met with him. I talked to Dylan some yesterday. He came around and said ‘hello’ to a lot of people. Dave Wallace, Dom (Chiti), a lot of the players here. He was in and out. He was telling somebody, not that he felt uncomfortable, he just felt like he’d rather not be... He just felt like he didn’t want to come strolling in the locker room.

“Dylan gets it. He gets the way locker rooms run and the way things are perceived and that’s why he’s respected by veteran players and everybody, because he’s never asked for anything special. I think if anything, he’s been a little embarrassed by some of the attention that’s been given him. He just wants to be one of the guys. He gets that part of it. He gets a lot of things. He has a certain aura about him that he understands that he hasn’t really established anything yet at this level.”

Dylan’s older brother, Bobby, has thrown four scoreless and hitless innings at short-season Single-A Aberdeen after moving up from the GCL team. He’s also recovering from ligament-reconstructive surgery on his right elbow.

“I was kidding (Dylan) yesterday,” Showalter said. “I said, ‘Hey, your brother’s right there.’ He was real excited about where Bobby was, so we might have two Bundys ready to go next year.”

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