Update on Britton’s baby boy

I have a lot of fans asking whether Zach Britton’s baby was born earlier this week and if everyone is doing well.

I bring you good news. Zander Lee Britton entered this world late last night in Burbank, Calif. Courtney Britton and her son are in good health.

britton-pitching-orange-front-sidebar.jpgNo word on whether Zander throws left-hander or how much sink he gets on his fastball. Too soon to tell. But I’m certain that pitching coach Dave Wallace will work to his strengths.

I didn’t bother to ask for the baby’s choice of entrance music last night. Some things should remain private.

Britton will join the Orioles for Thursday’s workout at Camden Yards, which is open to the media. My guess is a box of cigars will circulate through the clubhouse.

Doctors originally were going to induce labor on Thursday, but the Orioles swept the Tigers in the American League Division Series and Britton headed to California on Monday, giving him ample time to rejoin the team.

Last month, Britton explained where Zander got his name.

“She wanted to name him Alexander and I didn’t like Alexander, so we shortened it,” Britton said. “A compromise. Zander with a Z.”

As for other questions that I’ve received since waking up this morning ...

Today’s workout at Camden Yards also is closed to the public.

I don’t know whether the weather will cause Game 1 of the American League Championship Series on Friday to be postponed. My assumption is the games will be pushed back a day.

Rain for the playoffs? As if that would ever happen.

Someone asked me about a rumor that catcher Caleb Joseph is hurt. I checked with an Orioles official who replied, “Nope. That would be news to me.”

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