Orioles officially denied 2016 All-Star Game

The Orioles knew last month that they wouldn’t host the 2016 All-Star Game. It became official today at the conclusion of Major League Baseball’s quarterly owners meetings.

Commissioner Bud Selig announced that San Diego will host the Mid-Summer Classic despite insisting last year that he wanted to continue alternating leagues. The Reds will host the 2015 All-Star Game.

The National League could make it three in a row, with the Nationals a possible host in 2017. I’ve heard that they’re getting the All-Star Game, but it’s not official, so don’t get it tattooed on your arm. Could just be rumors.

OPACY-Pressbox_Wide.gifThe last time the same league hosted consecutive All-Star Games was in 2006 and 2007, with Pittsburgh and San Francisco doing the honors.

The MLB press release included the following:

Major League Baseball has received a number of outstanding bids from National League Clubs whose ballparks have never hosted the All-Star Game. Due to the quality of these bids, it was determined that the 2016 site would be awarded to the Club that made the most competitive bid, regardless of league affiliation.

The Orioles haven’t hosted the All-Star Game since 1993, one year after Camden Yards opened. MLB won’t admit that the MASN dispute factored into the Padres being awarded it in 2016, but feel free to travel down that road.

Selig referred to Baltimore again as a “very, very viable candidate” last season while the Orioles were in Houston.

The Blue Jays, Athletics and Rays are the only other American League teams that haven’t hosted the game since 1993, and MLB doesn’t figure to be in any hurry to showcase stadiums in Oakland and St. Petersburg.

San Diego’s Jack Murphy Stadium was the site of the 1978 and 1992 All-Star Games. It hasn’t been played at Petco Park.

Meanwhile, for fans asking when invoices will be mailed to renew season tickets, I’m told the process is in the final stages. It won’t be much longer.

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