Morning notes before today’s game against the Cardinals

SARASOTA, Fla. - Orioles pitching prospect Hunter Harvey is scheduled to undergo a CT scan on his right ankle after an X-ray yesterday came back clean.

Harvey was hit by a comebacker during a minor league game against the Twins in Fort Myers. Manager Buck Showalter said he was told Harvey is walking around today as if nothing happened. The Orioles don’t seem concerned about it.

“That’s where you’re just checking for hairlines, making sure nothing’s there,” Showalter said.

Jason Garcia, Tyler Wilson and Chaz Roe are in the bullpen today.

Garcia, the Rule 5 pick from the Red Sox organization, hasn’t pitched since March 10 due to a sore hamstring. He’s made only two appearances this spring.

chen-pitching-black-back-sidebar.jpgShowalter said left-hander Wei-Yin Chen will “probably” be slotted among the first three spots in the rotation when the Orioles break camp, which comes as no surprise. Chen would face the Rays in the season-opening series at Tropicana Field.

Showalter also said it would be “safe to speculate” that Caleb Joseph will be the starting catcher in Matt Wieters’ absence. He also said the decision on a backup would most likely be made late in camp.

The Orioles will continue to emphasis defense first while sifting through in-house candidates Steve Clevenger, Ryan Lavaryway, J.P. Arencibia and Brian Ward.

“I think everybody that we’re considering has some track record of being able to do some things offensively with the exception of Brian Ward,” Showalter said. “There’s not a big offensive track record behind him. Lavarnway may have as good if not better numbers than all of them in the minor leagues if you really look at them. So I think we’ve got the potential to get both of that, but the first criteria that they have to satisfy is the defensive part of it.”

Showalter said he could make the decision now “from what we’ve seen, but we’ve got more information that we’re going to get, so I wouldn’t commit yet.”

Showalter is waiting to hear back from Mark Hendrickson regarding a future job in the organization.

“I know he’s going to sit down with his family,” Showalter said. “Initially you say, ‘What would you like to do in a perfect world?’ See if it’s a fit or not. Obviously, Dan (Duquette) and them will make that decision in the end. I think guys understand if they say, ‘I want to be the pitching coach in Bowie right now,’ you don’t get rid of Alan Mills. He understands how that works.

“The timing’s not real good for this year. We’re probably thinking about beyond.”

Showalter included “experience” and “good people skills” among Hendrickson’s qualifications.

“Very knowledgeable of pitching mechanics. He has a great way of getting things across. There’s a nice way about him. And we have some really good baseball people here who could help him to transition. I think he has a respect for what it entails, whether it’s front office, whether it’s scouting, whether it’s coaching.

“The first thing he’s got to decide is what interests him. I asked him, ‘What makes you want to get up in the morning and go to work, as opposed to something you wouldn’t like but you’d do it?’ He had a lot of earning years. He’s in a very enviable situation where he can pick what floats his boat and see if there’s a fit.”

Showalter said Hendrickson is capable of coaching or working in a front office role.

“I think he brings that skill set,” Showalter said.

Hendrickson already is going to make a contribution to the Orioles without accepting a position in the organization. Showalter asked him to call pitcher Pat Connaughton, the fourth-round pick last year who’s playing on Notre Dame’s basketball team.

Connaughton is busy right now with March Madness.

“He’s going to call (Connaughton) if and when they get eliminated, for you Notre Dame fans,” Showalter said, grinning. “For me, it’s when.

“I want to see them get eliminated as soon as possible. I’m just being frank. Not in a bad way. I’m looking at everything from an Orioles’ angle.”

The Orioles didn’t make any cuts this morning.

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