Showalter on Parra: “Everybody tells me he loves to win”

Outfielder Steve Pearce and pitcher Mike Wright will fly down to Sarasota on Sunday to rehab their respective injuries.

Pearce is on the disabled list with a strained left oblique muscle, and Wright went on the DL today with a strained left calf.

Manager Buck Showalter said he’s hopeful that Wright can “make the DL period.” Pearce is eligible to return on Monday, which isn’t realistic.

Showalter said he probably needs a starter for Monday while Chris Tillman recovers from a sprained left ankle.

“I know as we sit today what we might do, but we’ll see how tomorrow goes,” Showalter said.

“He’s not going to pitch Monday, more than likely. That’s what I’m trying to say, because he hasn’t taken a work day. So we would definitely want him to test it.

“There’s two parts to that. One, you test it on a work day, and then you see what the next day brings and if it blows back up again. It doesn’t have a whole lot of swelling. It’s getting better every day, so I don’t see it as a DL thing. Now, if we get to Wednesday ...

“I still hold out hope that he comes in tomorrow and goes, ‘This feels great. Let’s go.’ We’ll see.”

Miguel Gonzalez won’t be moved up a day.

“That really starts a domino effect with the other guys that we really don’t want to get into,” Showalter said.

Gerardo Parra makes his Orioles debut tonight, starting in left field and batting second. Showalter thought about putting him in the leadoff spot before sticking with Manny Machado.

Gerardo Parra grab.png“We talked about it a lot,” Showalter said. “I talked to him more than anything. Sat down with him today about the outfield and where he feels the most comfortable, batting order where he feels the most comfortable, and from what I had heard about him, I got the response that I thought I would get. He goes, ‘I just want to win. You guys put me wherever. As long as I’m one of the nine.’

“I’d like to stay with something if we can, but I could hit any of those four guys anywhere. I don’t think it’s going to matter to them. I thought Manny got a little big, kind of changed a little bit going down the order. As good a year as Parra is having, Manny’s having as good if not better. I know that people like talking about it.

“John (Russell) and I kicked around a couple. I had one of him leading off and one of him hitting second. When he said it didn’t matter where he hit, I said, ‘How about ninth?’ He goes, ‘OK.’ He said, ‘I don’t care where I play in the outfield.’ I said, ‘How about second base?’ ‘I’d try it.’ “

Showalter went home last night and watched the MASN replay because he wanted to check a couple of plays, including one in the field that the Orioles failed to execute properly. He saw Parra arrive in the dugout and greet each one of his new teammates.

“He wanted to make sure he put hands on everybody,” Showalter said. “It was kind of funny. He was trying to get Nolan (Reimold’s) attention. Nolan’s engaged in the game, and he keeps touching Nolan to turn around. He made sure he went around. It’s going to be a pretty quick transition for him. He reaches out and our guys reach out. It’s a good combination.

“We’re not into the hazing. They’re going to try to make somebody’s path easier. His wife’s with him. They’re over in a hotel, and we were talking to him about hotels. He said, ‘Yeah, guys were already talking to me about to stay.’ (Wayne) Kirby’s already offered his apartment. He can stay with him. Kirby said, ‘I’ll wait to see if you can hit first before you stay with me.’ No. But there’s a lot of changes in their lives.

“He’s a little rock. We did the height and weight on him today. He’s packing.”

He’s also carrying a fine reputation.

“Couple guys, I said, ‘All right, say something negative about him. Tell me what,’ and there’s usually a long pause,” Showalter said. “He loves to play. More importantly, everybody tells me he loves to win. Couple of their guys said he was their favorite guy. You’re going to like him. He’s infectious.”

The Orioles rallied from six runs down to win last night, tying their largest comeback under Showalter, according to the Elias Sports Bureau. The Orioles also overcame a six-run deficit on May 10, 2013 in Minnesota.

For the Tigers
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Jose Iglesias SS
Ian Kinsler 2B
Victor Martinez DH
J.D. Martinez RF
James McCann C
Nick Castellanos 3B
Alex Avila 1B
Rajai Davis LF

Anibal Sanchez RHP

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