Showalter speaks after 10-1 loss

Orioles manager Buck Showalter didn’t commit to Mike Wright making another start following tonight’s 10-1 loss to the Red Sox at Camden Yards.

It may happen. Tyler Wilson could replace him. And Showalter updated Miguel Gonzalez’s throwing progression.

wright-pitching-white-sidebar.jpgYour guess is as good as mine.

It’s obvious that Wright hurt his chances tonight by lasting three innings plus two batters. He was charged with six runs, the last two scoring after Jorge Rondon replaced him.

Here’s Showalter:

On Wright:
“Just didn’t command the baseball very well. We caught a couple other balls they hit hard. He had a fairly crisp first inning and after that the command of the baseball deserted him. A lot of balls the center of the plate.”

On how winning two out of three games the last three series isn’t good enough:
“Not because of where we are. It’s hard to sweep any team during the season, but this time of year, it’s a different part of the season. They’ve been playing probably their best baseball of the year coming into this series. They struggled a little bit offensively the last few games. Tampa pitched well against them, so they were due to break out. We made a lot of poor pitches tonight.”

On whether Wright gets another start:
“We’ll still consider him starting. Miguel threw at 90 feet today. He’ll take a day off and throw at 120. If that goes well, he’ll throw in the bullpen on Sunday. So, Mike is starting right now. Tyler is ready, and hopefully Mike can get some things from it, too. We’re trying to present our best chance to win. We hoped it was with Mike starting tonight.”

On Red Sox starter Henry Owens:
“Just what we knew. I think the quick lead with his repertoire helps him, too. He’s a good young pitcher. I think he was 17-4 last year minor leagues, He was having a pretty good year in Triple-A. Changeup. We knew he was going to throw about 45 to 50 percent offspeed pitches, and he did, and was going to have some challenges commanding the fastball, which he did. We just didn’t make a very good adjustment. Left-handed starters up here have to be able to defend themselves against right-handed hitters. He’s actually reverse split. I put (Gerardo) Parra in there, but we didn’t have a whole lot of options to present that to him.”

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