Because You Asked - Seventh Inning Fetch

It’s sequel time here at School of Roch, as I deliver the latest installment of “Because You Asked.”

The question keep pouring in and I do my best to answer them as many times as humanly possible. I’m giving you one-stop shopping this morning, but we’re out of milk and bread.

Do the Orioles still have their offer on the table to Yoenis Cespedes?

This one became outdated late last night after Cespedes agreed to a three-year, $75 million deal with the Mets that included an opt-out after one year. But getting back to your question, the only way that the Orioles were going to sign Cespedes was if he took a much shorter deal. The Orioles weren’t going to pay Chris Davis $161 million and also give Cespedes a contract with an AAV of $25 million. And the Orioles don’t do opt-outs.

Have the Orioles considered (insert name) for right field?

Yes. They’ve pretty much considered everyone, but length of contract and the loss of their first-round pick are detriments in some cases. Yes, I’m looking at you, Dexter Fowler.

What about Doug Fister?

He doesn’t play right field.

What about Doug Fister for the rotation?

The Orioles like him and continue to “monitor” him. I’ve endorsed him for months. But his reported goal of landing a two-year deal for around $22 million doesn’t appeal to the Orioles. I’ve been told that his price would need to come down. In the meantime, I still view $11 million per year for two seasons as a bargain in today’s market. He’d just need to prove that he’s healthy, and I’m pretty sure the physical would solve that mystery.

What’s required for a player to pass the Orioles’ physical?

Good genes. And good jeans. It’s really thorough.

Could Christian Walker or Trey Mancini play right field?

They haven’t done it so far and I doubt that the Orioles would be comfortable starting one of them next to Adam Jones on opening day. My guess is their range would be limited. Sort of like Steven Seagal’s acting. The Orioles could watch them shag fly balls in spring training, but there’s no current plan to do it.

How many snow shovels do you own?

Two, and I didn’t buy them at the same time. I saw a guy leaving Home Depot yesterday with three of them in his cart. Not one, not two, but three. In a related story, I was at Home Depot, but only to load up the trunk of my car with heavy bags of rock salt to reduce the odds of skidding on the road. A Camaro might not have been my best idea.

Is it true that the Safeway near your house caught on fire Wednesday night?

Yes. I’m told that it started in a dumpster behind the store and moved through the loading dock. Imagine how much farther it would have spread if they weren’t out of toilet paper.

Why not put Hyun Soo Kim in right field?

Is that a dumpster fire joke? No? OK, I didn’t think so. His arm plays better in left. Much better, from what I’ve been told. But yes, he could move to right on occasion. For example, the Orioles think Nolan Reimold is a little better in left. I’m still expecting Kim to get most of his starts in left.

Just put Mark Trumbo in right field and sign a designated hitter.

That’s not a question.

Why not just put Mark ...

Got it. He could get some starts in right, but the Orioles would rather use him at first base when he isn’t the designated hitter. They’re not comfortable with him as a regular in the outfield.

Shouldn’t the Orioles lock up Manny Machado?

What did he do?

Manny Machado swing close gray.pngI mean, shouldn’t the Orioles sign Machado to a long-term deal?

Yes. The sooner the better. Otherwise, he might command billions after hitting the free agent market. Donald Trump would ask him for a loan. The Orioles want to extend him and he’s totally open to the idea, but it’s been a back-burner issue with so much work to do this winter. But, yes, get it done.

How are Buck and Dan getting along?

We’re still talking about this? Showalter and Duquette make it work despite their different personalities and, on occasion, ideas about how to build the roster or negotiate deals. The lines of communication are open.

Did the Orioles bid against themselves before re-signing Chris Davis?

It would appear that way, though the Tigers reportedly were sniffing around him. Or maybe it was just a cold. Anyway, the Orioles went from $150 million to $161 million, but the money is spread thinner than my patience. Bottom line is, managing partner Peter Angelos wanted to keep Davis and the two sides figured out a way to make it work, allowing both to claim victory. Agent Scott Boras got the Orioles to increase their offer. The Orioles got Davis for less than $200 million and stayed in their comfort zone with $42 million deferred.

Are the Orioles still in on Yovani Gallardo?

In the sense that they’re interested, but also leery of giving him more than three years and surrendering the 14th overall pick in the draft. Despite some reports to the contrary, it appears that the Orioles have moved away from him. It’s also another reason why I think Fister makes more sense.

Are the Orioles still in on Pedro Alvarez?

They could use another left-handed bat despite re-signing Davis, but how would the Orioles get him in the lineup if Trumbo is the primary designated hitter? As I’ve been writing, the Orioles needed to make a decision on Davis in order to get a better read on their needs. Alvarez can play third base and first base in the sense that he’s done it. I changed a tire once, but you don’t want me working on your car. You don’t even want me driving your car. So Alvarez makes less sense now unless the Orioles want to put Trumbo in some sort of a platoon role at DH, and I haven’t heard anything about it. If I’m making the decisions, I’d pay for Alvarez’s bat and hit him a million ground balls in spring training. Attach him to Bobby Dickerson’s hip. Work with him. Maybe, as Boras says, he’s better than advertised. A one-year deal doesn’t come with much risk.

What about Jimmy Paredes?

Duquette said Paredes is still a consideration as a designated hitter, which also could impact whether the Orioles add someone like Alvarez. We’re basically in “we’ll see” mode.

How did Paredes look in right field in winter ball?

He’s still alive and the bruises are healing nicely. I kid, I kid. But he really is still alive.

The Orioles designated Joey Terdoslavich for assignment and you didn’t make a “flushing the terd” joke?

I’m above it.

Since when?

Consider it a New Year’s resolution. Right behind wearing pants in the Taco Bell drive-thru.

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