Nolan Reimold: “I’m just going to play and looking forward to a good year”

SARASOTA, Fla. - Yovani Gallardo went through a series of fielding drills this morning, moving from station to station during the Orioles’ second day of full-squad workouts. Pretty much every move was documented by the local beat crew.

The line between reporter and stalker is a thin one.

Gallardo is wearing No. 49 and Dylan Bundy has switched to No. 37. I’ll assume that Bundy was properly compensated for surrendering his digits.

Jimmy Paredes is tracking fly balls this morning with the outfielders. He played the position in winter ball.

Still no word on Dexter Fowler. Is he at the Ed Smith Stadium complex? Is he taking a physical? We don’t know.

Fowler’s arrival will set the projected outfield, which includes Hyun Soo Kim in left field and Adam Jones in center. Nolan Reimold will fight for at-bats, unsure exactly how Fowler impacts him.

“I don’t really know. It’s not my area of expertise, making out the lineup card. I’m just going to play and looking forward to a good year,” said Reimold, who signed for $1.3 million to avoid arbitration.

Nolan Reimold orange watches hit.jpg“It’s a long year. Something always happens. There’s always something that goes on, whether it be - knock on wood - an injury or a trade or underperformance or over-performance. Things always change throughout the year and that’s why it’s a long year and a team sport and you just stay ready for when it’s your turn to get some time and get some at-bats. And if not, just stay ready for when the time comes.”

Reimold’s system might go into shock if he actually showed up in camp with a job waiting for him. That’s just not how it works for the former second-round pick in 2005.

“That would be great. I really screwed that up in 2010,” said Reimold, 32, delivering a well-timed quip about an old injury.

“But no, that would be great. That’s just not the way it is for most guys. Not too many people have that. There are a lot more guys who are fighting for spots. Even if you do come in like that, there’s always somebody who’s trying to take your spot, so that’s just the way it is in the business and you’ve just got to deal with it.”

Reimold was limited to 39 games in 2010 after batting .279/.365/.466 with 15 home runs in 104 games in his rookie season, which ended in September with a torn left Achilles tendon. The herniated cervical disk and corrective surgery that followed were much bigger detriments to his career, but Reimold stayed healthy in 2015 while registering a .344 on-base percentage in 61 games with the Orioles and a .363 on-base percentage in 54 games at Triple-A Norfolk.

Have we finally reached the point where he’s not dogged by health questions throughout spring training?

“I hope so, but this is the second interview today and it’s the second time somebody’s brought up my health,” he said, grinning. “This is a different spin on it, but ... I think once you have a stigma, it’s really hard to get rid of it and there’s nothing I can do about it except to keep playing. And over time, if I stay on the field and stay healthy, then things will change.

“I feel good going into the year. Do everything I can to stay in shape, do the little things to prevent injuries and stay on the field.”

Reimold put on about 10 pounds over the winter, but he looks more muscular.

“Just offseason workouts and that sort of thing,” he said. “Maybe age. My metabolism is slowing down a little bit.

“It was good pounds. I always want to gain weight. I’m the opposite. If I stop working out, I lose weight. It’s always a struggle for me to keep the weight on, so I put on good weight and feel good and ready for the year.”

Whatever it brings.

Dave Wallace with pitchers.PNGPitching coach Dave Wallace instructs a group of Orioles pitchers.

Yovani-Gallardo-via-Orioles-tall.jpgNew Orioles pitcher Yovani Gallardo is geared up for his first workout with his new club.

Gallardo with pitchers.JPGGallardo stands in a group of his new Orioles teammates.

Os pitchers early stretching.PNGThe Orioles get an early stretch in before their second day of full-squad workouts.

Gallardo fielding ball.JPGGallardo fields a ground ball in one of his first drills as an Oriole.

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