Wrapping up a 7-3, 14-inning win

NEW YORK - Adam Jones took a called third strike tonight with the bases loaded and no outs in the top of the 14th inning, the temperature plummeting as his blood pressure rose. Manager Buck Showalter rushed out of the dugout to make certain that plate umpire Ed Hickox didn’t eject him.

manny-machado-pedro-alvarez-high-five-black.jpgOne pitch later, Pedro Álvarez hit a grand slam off Yankees right-hander Jonathan Holder to give the Orioles a 7-3 victory in the Bronx.

Mood swings brought on by one big swing from the veteran who didn’t enter this crazy game until the 10th. He also singled and walked, but his third career slam will be the one everyone remembers.

Rule 5 pick Pedro Araujo tossed two scoreless innings to earn his first major league win after giving up the tie-breaking run in his last outing in Houston and being charged with four.

Didi Gregorius’ solo home run off Miguel Castro tied the game in the eighth. Castro retired seven of the eight batters he faced.

Chris Davis broke a 2-2 tie in the fourth inning with his first home run. Manny Machado reached base six times, hitting his first two home runs.

The Orioles thought they should have been awarded two outs on a rundown in the sixth inning after Giancarlo Stanton retreated to third base and passed Gary Sánchez, who stood on the bag. Catcher Caleb Joseph tagged both of them. Crew chief Jerry Meals told a pool reporter later, “We were incorrect.”

Mychal Givens struck out the side in the 10th and prevented the winning run from scoring in the 11th on a wild pitch after taking Joseph’s throw and applying the tag on Gregorius as he stretched his leg across the plate and ended up in a sitting position.

Not much could be classified as normal in a 14-inning game that lasted 5 hours, 20 minutes.

Here’s a sampling of quotes after the Orioles improved to 3-5, taking the first two games in the Bronx after going 2-8 here last season:

Meals on why Stanton was ruled out instead of Sánchez: “OK, what we had on the field, what Ronny (Kulpa) had on the field, was as soon as Stanton ran by him into foul territory there, he had him out for abandoning his effort, which gave Sánchez the base, so when they tagged him he wasn’t out. That was our explanation on the field. We were incorrect.

“The ruling is when a runner from second, in that situation, when a runner from second has occupied third and the lead runner goes beyond third base to the outfield or wherever, runs past it, the interpretation is the runner from second is passed that runner, the lead runner, so he is out automatically without being tagged. Sánchez should have been out automatically for passing Stanton. Then Stanton had the right to come back and touch third before being tagged or be called out for abandoning his effort.”

On Kulpa determining that Stanton was out before Joseph made the tag: “Correct. With everything happening as quickly as it was happening, he just went with the signals to that.”

Álvarez on what he was looking for in the 14th: “Just looking for a pitch up that I can drive, and at least get a ball deep enough to get a sac fly or something. Obviously, they’re trying to get a double play. I’m trying to see something more up, and put a good swing on it.”

Álvarez on team finally breaking through: “Obviously, it’s huge. Any time you can come through and help out with a W, it’s huge. But it was a good game, a well-fought game on both ends. A tribute to both our pitching and, sometimes, it just takes one pitch. Obviously, that was the case today.”

Álvarez on staying ready: “Just like everyone else, we all stay ready for whenever our name is called out there. When our time comes, we have to be ready. So whether it’s playing there today or you get a couple days off playing, there’s no excuse not to be ready and to not be in the game and be able to contribute whenever you need to.”

Showalter on swing of emotions and more: “Listen to Adam scream, ‘Pick me up, Pedro,’ and I know he had a few other things he might want to talk about, why that. It’s a good umpire. You make that many decisions over that long of a game ... I think about Caleb, 14 innings catching in that weather. It dropped 15-20 degrees in the last hour. And a lot of good pitching.

“(Kevin) Gausman shouldn’t be forgotten, and I thought (Trey) Mancini had a great at-bat leading off that (inning). I didn’t want to pitch Darren (O’Day) tonight, obviously. Dan (Duquettte) is in my office and we’ll see if we have to make any changes.”

Showalter on difficult night: “It’s hard. That’s why it’s the big leagues. Things are hard up here. They don’t come easily. You’ve got the best players in the world and everybody’s giving you their best shot. There’s a lot of good innings pitched, but we pitched a little bit better.”

Showalter on Givens play:” It seems to always have a lot of drama here. So you deal with it. That’s the roller coaster you’re on during the season. You can want something too much sometimes.”

Showalter on explanation on rundown: “That’s kind of between us. He thought he abandoned the base by going past it. So in his mind, there were never two guys on the bag. We tagged the right guys. We worked on that in the spring, about who was out and who wasn’t out and what you want to try to get them to do. I thought our guys had done it perfect. I had a couple of points I made that I thought made their point questionable, but it worked out.”

Showalter on Araujo: “You get to know guys in the spring, the other part of it that you can’t look at analytically. This is a tough kid who really wants it, who’s got a really good, I think, base around him. I think (Miguel) Castro has been a really good help to him. He’s done a lot of things right, and to see him kind of bounce back in our time of need was impressive.”

Showalter on Machado: “We’ve had a great view of it for a long time, and I’ll tell you, he played really well at shortstop tonight. To make those accurate throws with a cold, slick baseball, it’s not easy.”

Araujo, via translator Ramón Alarcón, on emotions:” I feel very happy, so much happiness today. I’m very thankful for my teammates of the support they’ve provided me. The last outing was not my best, but they were able to support me a lot throughout.”

Araujo on bouncing back after Houston game: “I feel very happy. I think there is some trust there. So I feel very happy about the opportunity. And, again, I’m thankful for the support I’ve been receiving from my teammates.”

Machado on game: “Awesome. It was a tough game both ways. Played great defense, great baseball. Coming into that situation, just getting people on base. Started off with Boom Boom (Mancini) having a nice at-bat, getting a walk, starting off the inning like that. Gave us an opportunity to go in there and Pedro, big at-bat, give us a W today. We’re starting to swing the bat a little bit, playing as a team, doing the little things that count. Hopefully, we continue it.”

Machado on having big game in New York: “Oh, man, it was awesome. It would have sucked if we would have gotten the loss. I was getting mad on that one pitch when Didi hit it out. At the end of the day, as long as we got the W, I’m fine with that. Whether I got a couple of hits, or a couple of knocks or a couple of homers, I’m just enjoying myself being out there playing the game that we love, taking it all in.”

Machado on conditions: “Yeah, the cold gets on you. It sucks. Getting late, once you got into extra innings, it got a little colder. It was a nice day today, actually to be honest. You’ve just got to try and stay active, try to keep yourself moving in the dugout, try to just stay loose. If not, you’ll go and tense yourself up out there. That’s the last thing you want for an injury to happen.”

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