Taking another quizzical look at the Orioles and baseball

There won’t be baseball until late July or 2021, depending on the Major League Baseball Players Association and COVID-19. They must work in tandem after the union voted 33-5 yesterday against the owners’ latest and final proposal.

Teams voted unanimously last night to go ahead with a 60-game season under terms of the March 26 agreement. Players have until 5 p.m. today to let MLB know whether they can report to spring training 2.0 on July 1 and agree on the health and safety protocols.

Because, you know, there’s still a pandemic.

No expanded playoffs and the universal designated hitter only in 2020. Players maintain the right to file a grievance.

Meanwhile, there will always be a quiz to keep you attached to the sport.

Can’t avoid them. Like long lines at the men’s room on opening day.

Speaking of which ...

Opening day will be held:
A. On July 24
B. Somewhere between July 25-31
C. In March 2021
D. None of the above

The next Orioles player to be traded will be:
A. Alex Cobb
B. Mychal Givens
C. José Iglesias
D. None of the above

Catcher Pedro Severino will throw out:
A. 10 percent of runners attempting to steal
B. 20 percent of runners attempting to steal
C. 30 percent of runners attempting to steal
D. None of the above

The next erroneous report on Twitter will involve:
A. The actual start date to the season
B. Whether players will file a grievance
C. What time the union will hold its video conference call
D. None of the above

The Orioles pitcher to surrender the most home runs will be:
A. John Means
B. Cobb
C. Asher Wojciechowski
D. None of the above

Nunez-Points-Up-HR-Black-Sidebar.jpgThe first Oriole to collect an RBI will be:
A. Chris Davis
B. Renato Núñez
C. Anthony Santander
D. None of the above

The first Oriole to commit an error will be:
A. Rio Ruiz
B. Hanser Alberto
C. Whichever one drove all the way to Fort Myers on March 12
D. None of the above

Commissioner Rob Manfred wishes that he could:
A. Bring together ownership and the union
B. Convince fans to fill ballparks when they’re allowed entrance
C. Wear a disguise
D. None of the above

Spring training will be held in:
A. Sarasota
B. Baltimore
C. The waiting room of a local hospital
D. None of the above

First round draft pick Heston Kjerstad will make his debut in:
A. The Rookie-level Gulf Coast League
B. Short-season Single-A Aberdeen
C. A hazmat suit
D. None of the above

The World Series winner will celebrate with:
A. Champagne
B. Beer
C. Bleach
D. None of the above

Players gathering at the mound will be:
A. Reviewing infield alignments and base coverage
B. Instructed to observe social distancing
C. Holding union meetings
D. None of the above

Not having baseball at Camden Yards saddens:
A. The Orioles
B. The fans
C. Gleyber Torres
D. None of the above

Orioles draft picks will:
A. Head to extended spring training
B. Work out with the team
C. Grab a rag and some disinfectant
D. None of the above

Media will be allowed to:
A. Sit in the home press box only
B. Sit in the home and visiting press boxes only
C. DM players at 1 a.m.
D. None of the above

Press dining will consist of:
A. The usual hot meals
B. Grab-and-go box lunches
C. Whatever hasn’t been swept up by the cleaning crew.
D. None of the above

Fans in 2020 will be able to:
A. Track the games only on television and radio
B. Get reimbursed for games lost
C. Always win “Guess the attendance”
D. All of the above

The biggest industry concern is:
A. A second wave of COVID-19
B. A player strike after 2021
C. Ángel Hernández
D. None of the above

Travel in 2020 will be limited to:
A. Cities within the division
B. Cities within the region
C. Golf carts from the players lot to the clubhouse
D. None of the above

The most commonly used baseball term is:
A. Ball four
B. Strike three
C. Phase two
D. None of the above

OK, pencils down.

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