Hyde on Iglesias, Means and last home game of 2020

Orioles shortstop José Iglesias is out of today’s lineup and undergoing more tests on his left wrist. Manager Brandon Hyde couldn’t provide an update in today’s Zoom conference call with the media.

Iglesias was drilled on the left wrist last night and came out of the game.

Iglesias-Throws-Black-Sidebar.jpg“He’s getting re-evaluated this morning, but the news last night was good, that the X-rays from last night came back negative,” Hyde said. “He’s just really sore today. Haven’t gotten the results back from doctors this morning, but we’re hoping for good news.”

Left-hander John Means has credited his turnaround in his last two starts - one run allowed over six innings in both outings - to the tough talk that Hyde initiated in his office.

Hyde is deflecting the credit, as he usually does.

“For me, that’s him turning the season around and me doing what I think is best and having an honest conversation with a player I care about,” Hyde said. “I’m not the one out there pitching, I’m not the one out there competing, trying to get big league hitters out. That’s him.

“I want to be a good influence and I want to help out these guys as much as I possibly can, and I do when I feel like it’s necessary and I feel like there’s conversations to be had, that that’s part of being a good coach. For John to turn around the last couple starts, that’s John Means. That has nothing to do with me.”

Means is on the mound for the last home game of the truncated season. The season is down to two road series after today.

“It’s been an unusual year,” Hyde said. “Some days it’s flown by and some days I feel like we’ve been here a while. It’s Sept. 20 and it feels like it from a normal season, even though we’ve only played 50-something games. It’s just been an unusual year in every way and it has been taxing in a lot of ways. I’m really happy that we were able to get this in, though, and play and looking forward to next year hopefully with fans in the stands and we’ll see.

“It’s been a positive year in a lot of ways from a development standpoint, but it’s been tiring at the same time.”

A visible finish line brings Hyde, his staff and his players closer to reuniting with their families, but they won’t neglect the last six games. The focus remains on baseball. There’s no other choice.

“I think we’re going to give this week the attention it deserves because that’s who we are and that’s what we do and going to try to win as many games as possible and be there to support our club and support our players. I don’t think the attention will ever be away from that until the season is over,” Hyde said.

“A lot of us haven’t seen our families in a long time, so we’re obviously looking forward to that, looking forward to that day for sure, but this week is going to be about the Orioles, about our players and about continuing to try to get better and try to win as many games as possible. But with the thought of looking forward to seeing your kids and seeing your wife and seeing the people you love.”

Opening day and the final home weekend of the season usually provide ways for a team to honor its fans, but that can’t happen in 2020. The stand remain empty.

“It’s just been so strange this whole year without fans and I think this will just be another one of our strange days,” Hyde said. “We’ll look back and remember the weirdness of this season. But the last home game, usually that’s a celebration day of some sort where you are thankful for the fans, you’re thankful for everyone who’s supporting you, supporting your team, and for them to not be here ... looking forward to the day when they’re here.”

Hyde has one more week of the season to get through, but he was asked today whether Trey Mancini is the first baseman in 2021.

A tad early for roster analysis.

“I think that’s something we’re going to talk about this winter and go into spring training with a plan,” he replied, “but I don’t think we’ve even gotten there yet.”

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