Guthrie’s post-game comments

Jeremy Guthrie stood in front of his locker and answered questions at length tonight about his poor outing vs. Oakland and his tough season.

On tonight’s outing: “It was a tough game, they strung together some two out hits. You tip your cap to Gio Gonzalez, he proved tonight unless I shut them out, we didn’t have much of a chance anyway. I did not pitch well throughout.”

On getting two strikes, then giving up hits: “I’ve always been the same type of pitcher, I go after people. Throw strikes and try to let them put it in play. Tonight, they fouled them off, fouled them off and then end up with a basehit. I’m not a huge strikeout guy. I don’t have plus-plus stuff and blow it by people. I’ve never been that guy. They just didn’t put them in play tonight. I attack guys, that’s always my goal, tonight it didn’t work and I threw a ton of pitches.”

Did you feel like you were getting better after your last start?: “I’ve been consistently inconsistent. I wish I could change the story. I tried to switch up my routine, I didn’t talk to you guys last time, you know let it simmer inside for five days. Not talk about it, that didn’t work either. I’m trying to come up with solutions. Felt good tonight but a couple hits here and infield hit there and they end up with five runs.”

On a frustrating season: “It’s a test, for sure. It’s been since day one. I didn’t start off well in the Classic. I haven’t pitched well for more than one or two games at a time during the season. It’s not for lack of work or attempts to listen to do what I can to switch. I’ve got some tough things going on with luck and execution and with things I can and can’t control. Nothing has gone my way. What I can control is how much I work and improve and I’m trying to do that. Sometimes it’s there and sometimes it’s not. That’s the sign of this being a difficult game.”

Did you have good stuff tonight: “I am not necessarily happy with the stuff I showed tonight but I don’t come out of this game scratching my head wondering what I will have my next start. I made some adjustments on the changeup and velocity-wise I think that’s a better separation for me going forward. I’m all right with my mechanics and stuff.”

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