Roberts on trying to avoid another September swoon

As the calendar turns to September on Tuesday, the Orioles will have 30 games remaining in their season.

Of the 30, they will play Boston and New York five times each, Texas three times and Tampa eight times.

Can the O’s avoid another September swoon, like last season’s club that went 5-20 in the month?

With the young starting pitching now here, and the Oroles winners of six of the last 11, is the club better positioned to win this September?

“I mean I hope so,” Brian Roberts said. “They have also said they are going to limit those guys. If they start going just five innings it will make it hard on the bullpen. We have to wait and see. I don’t think any of us have an answer necessarily.

“Those guys also haven’t pitched against these kind of teams in September before. Just because they are here, we can’t say it will necessarily make it any easier.”

Roberts was asked if the O’s need to show they can play better in September?

“It would help a little, but I don’t know that it’s going to be do or die. It’s just part of the growing process.”

This is for sure. The young players will get to see first-hand how good teams play down the stretch of a playoff drive.

“They are getting more comfortable and starting to find their niche,” Roberts said. “Hopefully they are gaining confidence.

“We’ve had a lot of new guys come here. They’ve gone through ups and downs. The learning curve is a lot greater here than it is at any other level. Nolan started off real hot, cooled off and then found it again. He’s learning the cycles of playing in the big leagues.

“Felix started off slow and the more at bats he’s gotten the more comfortable he’s gotten. It’s been good to see those guys go through those experiences.

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