Trembley on the lack of offense

If you look at the players that make up the Orioles lineup and think that group should be scoring more runs, you are not alone.

Manager Dave Trembley was asked about that today and agrees that the team’s offense has underachieved.

“Agreed. We’ve gone through a stretch here where we are 6 and 18 and probably 13 or more of those have been decided by two runs or less. We’ve really been searching for the big hit, the one hit to break the game open.

“I can understand that it’s part of the game, but I expect the more proven veteran guys will get it going. If you don’t hit, you don’t win. I’m realistic about the young starting pitchers that are here, but I do think we’re are capable of and should be scoring more runs than we’re scoring. I would agree.”

The Orioles have scored a total of six runs over the last three games and have scored three runs or less in five of the last six games and in 12 of the 24 games since the All-Star break.

The Orioles are 0-12 in those games.

The O’s offense is even confusing at times on the stat sheet. The O’s are 5th in the league in batting average, 2nd in average with runners in scoring position, 4th in hits and 6th in doubles. But they are only 12th in runs scored.

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