Will O’s play with passion and intensity vs. NY?

It looks like the Orioles offense is rounding into shape in time for the club’s six-game homestand versus Boston and New York.

Even without Brian Roberts, the callup of Rhyne Hughes and return of Miguel Tejada has pumped some life into the bats and the lineup.

Now let’s see that impact the whole team.

It’s no secret the O’s clubhouse is filled with some low-key guys. Nothing wrong with that, there are plenty of good guys and real pros on the roster.

But for the next six days the O’s will play at home against two of baseball’s best teams. Teams that look at them as their whipping boys and have for years.

I am not expecting that the Orioles can match up talent-wise with those clubs right now.

But they can and should match them in effort, intensity, fundamental play and attention to detail.

This would be a good time to show the home fans that a passion and fire burns within the Oriole players.

Let’s see some enthusiasm on the field, some take-out slides at second base and better situational hitting. Advance the runners when presented with a chance.

Match the Yankees and Sox in intensity. I don’t think the O’s have done that in recent years. Boston and New York play hard every play, every day. Sometimes I think the O’s players feel they are going all out but it still comes up short in intensity to these two clubs.

At 3-16, now is the time to let it all go, so to speak, and play like this is a game in October. The players do care, so show the fans that in no uncertain terms.

Don’t be afraid to brush back a Yankee hitter that crowds the plate. If a foul pop is hit into the second row of the stands, dive in there after it.

If nothing else, at the end of this homestand, let the fans see real fire and intensity from this team and don’t back down for one second to these teams.

If we see that, maybe we will all begin to feel better about this team right now.

A few wins would be nice as well.

Checking on the O’s offense:
Seattle series: .184 team avg, 4 runs, 5 extra-base hits, 1-12 with RISP.
Boston series: .331 team avg, 16 runs, 12 extra-base hits, 11-44 with RISP.

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