What happened to Bergy?

It’s been a stunning fall from grace for Brad Bergesen. A few months ago he was being featured in that TV promo to promote the upcoming season.

Even though that didn’t work out well, he was considered important enough to this season that he was chosen for that spot.

Now he is headed back to the minors after just three starts in 2010.

I’m surprised the O’s are sending him out. It will be a popular move with the fans who get restless after a player’s performance falls off, even over a short period of time. The 2-12 start didn’t help his cause.

Maybe this is also a sign that Bergesen is so far off his game right now that the club doesn’t feel he can get it back right now vs. Major League hitters.

Maybe Bergesen’s reactions last night had something to do with this.

I’ve never seen him look so uncomfortable on a mound. With each pitch out of the strike zone he seemed to want to work faster, for some reason. He was fidgety and just looked like that mound was the last place he wanted to be.

When he was pulled from the game he sprinted toward the clubhouse. I don’t know what that was all about.

Bergesen’s story was compelling. Home-grown product pitches at each minor league level, getting better along the way. He passes other more highly regarded prospects to have Major League success. He was considered one of the AL’s top rookie pitchers at the time of his injury last July.

But when Bergy averages 5.2 walks per game as he has in three starts this year, something is wrong. He has pinpoint control when he is right. Last night he could not throw his slider within six inches of the plate.

Can Bergesen get back here?

I bet he will. He has too much character, not to mention sink on his pitches. Right now a lot of people are doubting him. But he’s been in that spot before.

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