Clubhouse quotes after Sunday’s loss to Cleveland

Some clubhouse quotes after the Orioles 5-1 loss to Cleveland dropped them to 3-3 on this homestand and 12-26 on the season.

The O’s scored just three runs in the final two games of the series.

Ty Wigginton, was the catch in the first inning by Sizemore that robbed you of extra bases a key play in the game?: “I don’t look at any one play in the game that’s going to make a difference. It was a nice catch and good for him.”


Wigginton on Jake Westbrook: “Westbrook had tremendous movement on the ball today. He mixed in enough sliders to where if you tried to get on the sinker, the ball was diving away. You get a lot of bad swings when a guy has a good sinker working and he mixed in some changeups late. He deserves all the credit, he was outstanding.”

Luke Scott on Westbrook: “It shows what a guy with a good sinker can do. It’s okay to give up hits if you’re a sinkerballer because you can get double plays like he did today.”

Scott, did the O’s miss a chance to win a series?: “Absolutely, there were some missed oppurtunities and it’s happened quite a few times this season. It’s frustrating and difficult, but the only thing we can do is come out tomorrow and play hard.”

Mark Hendrickson on his outing: “The mindset was just to go as long as I could. Try to make pitches, I felt pretty good. I saw the pitch on tape (Matt LaPorta’s two-run homer) it wasn’t as bad as I thought. The way Jake was pitching today, it was tough to score against him.”

When did you know you would start?: “Last night David (Hernandez) let me know. Just kind of kept my routine the same and came in and tried to go as far as I could. As a bullpen, we need to pick up David. Hopefully he gets healthy and comes back.”

Hendrickson on the weekend series: “It’s tough, we were on the brink there of getting the game last night. But we didn’t close it out and that switched momentum a little bit. We need to regroup.”

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