Get a run, waste a chance

Well, the Orioles took a 1-0 lead in the top of the third tonight at New York, only because A.J Burnett helped them.

After he helped them, he dominated them.

Garrett Atkins led off the third with a ground single to left, off A-Rod’s glove. Rhyne Hughes then walked on a 3-1 pitch. Cesar Izturis dropped a bunt up the third base line and Burnett threw wildly past first as Atkins scored and runners moved to second and third.

Adam Jones then struck out on a breaking ball that ended up almost on the ground and Nick Markakis then struck out on a breaking pitch that did hit the ground. Guess what Matt Wieters did and where the pitch was?

I won’t bother to say it.

Second and third, none out, a run in and chance to take charge of the game. The O’s could not even put the ball in play and struck out on pitches that were not strikes. I need a word stronger than frustrating.

It can’t be easy to hit A.J. Burnett I am sure, but if they don’t make him elevate his pitches later in this game, they may have to be happy with one run tonight.

Update - Cervelli just tripled to center as Jones made a dive at a ball that he should have kept as a single with the leadoff hitter in the inning. He scored on a ground out and it’s 1-1.

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