No second guessing from Wieters (plus AAA news)

Some may be second guessing why Alfredo Simon threw a split-finger pitch on an 0-2 count to Austin Kearns in the ninth inning last night. Kearns hit the pitch for a three-run homer and 4-2 Cleveland lead.

Catcher Matt Wieters, who called for the pitch, won’t second guess that decision.

“No, once it’s over, it’s over, you can’t take it back. Second guess, you can’t do it in this game.”

Wieters felt the splitter has been a solid pitch for Simon. The count was 0-2 and he called for a put-away pitch in a put-away count.

“Looking back now, if it’s in the dirt we might get a swing at it. If it’s a fastball in again, we might get an out that way. That was last night, so we can’t worry about it anymore. We have to move forward and learn from it.

“You’ve got to judge the hitter, you have to judge the pitcher, what kind of stuff they have that night. It’s a pitch he has lot of confidence in and he’s been successful with it up here. If you are going to have success with it, you keep going with a pitch you feel confident with,” Wieters said a few moments ago in the O’s clubhouse.

“Early in the count, he’ll throw a splitter that’s more of a strike, but with two strikes he’s been good about getting the ball in the dirt and getting it down. This was just one that stayed up.”

Wieters said the Orioles do not call pitches from the bench and they let the players on the field take care of that.

“No, that’s why Kranny goes over the scouting report with us and turns it over to the pitching staff. We try and follow the reports that may dictate when he we need to go to a hitter’s weaknesses.”

Norfolk has made some roster moves. The Triple-A club has activated pitchers Jim Miller and Andy Mitchell from Aberdeen’s roster. Pitcher Chris George has been placed on the disabled list, retro to 5-13, with a groin strain and Alberto Castillo was called up to the Orioles after Saturday’s game.

The Tides will have to make another roster move when Hughes reports to the team this coming week.

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