The frustration level mounts

So the O’s are losing 3-0 and have hit into double plays in the last two innings.

How is your day going?

It can be maddening as the team kills rallies with double-play grounders. Garrett Atkins hit into a twin killing in the 4th and Adam Jones in the 5th.

Atkins has driven in just one run over his last 18 games. That’s 18 games. He has knocked in one run since April 17. He is batting 6 for 24 on the year with runners in scoring position, although it feels worse than that. Jones is 5 for 24.

A frustrating part is seeing the players make the same mistakes over and over. Jones continues to have problems hitting the curve ball. Not news to anyone. He is just not getting better with it and seems to be unable to recognize that a breaking pitch is coming.

Once again, there are plenty to blame for the O’s lack of hitting this year, plenty.

But Jones and Atkins are just not getting it done right now and have shown few signs for optimism most of this year.

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