Adam Jones on outfield positioning

Several interesting topics were addressed today earlier in our web studio when I hosted live chats with pitcher Jeremy Guthrie and outfielder Adam Jones.

During my time with Adam, we talked about where he positions himself in the outfield.

“I play the hitter. I’m not going to play Torii Hunter like I play Reggie Willets. I necessarily don’t want to play too shallow or too deep to let everything sit and drop in front of me.”

Adam said there were discussions earlier where the club did talk with him about playing deeper.

“They wanted me to think about, you might want to move back on certain situations. There were discussions about it and we came to a happy medium.”

I asked Adam if he gets input from the dugout before deciding where to play certain hitters?

“Not anymore. I’m generally playing where I want to play with my knowledge of the hitters. Like tonight, I’ll play Juan Pierre totally different than Carolos Quentin and Konerko. I would rather give up a single to Konerko than a double. Let the big guys have the singles, it’s the extra-base hits that kill you.”

Jones wants fans to know he isn’t telling the team where he will play and going against their wishes. He said if Buck Showalter wanted him to play deeper, he surely would.

“If that’s what he wants to do, that’s what we’ve got to do.

“There hasn’t been any conflict. They’ve never come to me and said ‘you need to play right here.’ They’ve told me ‘you’re the captain of the outfield and you play and move the outfielders accordingly.’”

Jones said anyone feeling that he positions himself where only he wants and ignores input from his manager or coaches is just wrong.

“That’s very wrong. I’m not insubordinate. If they want me to play at the wall, I’ll play the wall. I’m playing comfortable, where I feel going the back the wall is a good distance from me and coming in the infielders are a good distance from me.”

If you missed the chats earlier, the videos will be available later today in our media lounge.

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