Bell’s struggles

Josh Bell continues to strike out too much.

He has fanned twice tonight vs. Shawn Hill. He has swung at six pitches and missed them all. He has now fanned 49 times and walked just twice in 141 Major League at bats.

Yes, that is an alarming rate of strikeouts.

This is not to bash Bell because his defense has improved and over the last few weeks he made a few plays to help this team win. And I can still remember sitting in this exact press box seat when he mashed two homers off Cliff Lee.

The potential is there.

I am sure he feels a little pressure to show Buck what he can do. Showalter said it’s fine if players are pressing, they should want to do well so that they do press at times.

The jury is out on whether Bell should be the third baseman on this team next year. They could put him out there for 160 games in 2011 and know that he is far from a finished product and let him learn under fire.

Or he could need more minor league seasoning.

For now he needs to make more contact. That’s an obvious one.

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