The O’s have earned their way to six straight losses

Maybe that old baseball saying that “you are never as good as you look when you are winning and never as bad as you look when you are losing,” applies to these Orioles.

They sure looked good during a 6-1 start. We can only hope they are not as bad as they have looked during the 0-6 run since.

They sure have looked bad.

In three of the losses, they were pretty much blown out. That would be the last two days and the 13-1 loss to Texas. In the 7-4 loss in game one at Yankee Stadium, it was almost like a blowout since they trailed 6-0 in the second inning and didn’t score until the seventh inning.

In the second game of the losing streak, a 3-0 loss last Sunday against Texas, they were shut out by Derek Holland and the Rangers. Then, there is the 5-0 blown lead and game on Thursday at New York. The Orioles’ last win came last Saturday with Zach Britton on the mound in game one of a doubleheader against Texas.

It’s a six-game losing streak where the Orioles have earned every bit of it. They look just awful right now and need someone, anyone, to step up now and help end this slide.

Some of the buzz from the offseason and 6-1 start has been quieted now. Some fans are simply saying it’s the same old Orioles.

At the start of the losing streak, the team ERA was 2.00. Now it’s 4.63, as they have fallen to 11th in the league. The ERA of the starting pitchers is 9.32 during the streak. The offense has produced just 15 runs, a .226 batting average and average of .200 with runners in scoring position during the losses.

Maybe the O’s need to start swinging down at the ball. They rank last in the AL in groundball-to-flyball ratio for their hitters at 0.62. They also are tied for last with just 29 walks and are 13th in team OBP at .282. Their 49 runs scored ranks only 12th best in the AL.

Updating some hitters:
Guerrero: Has just two extra-base hits, a .593 OPS and one RBI his last seven games.
Lee: Is 0-for-9 on year with RISP and has 0 RBI the past eight games.
Markakis: Is 0-for-9 the last two games and 4-for-26 the past six games.
Jones: Is 3-for-19 without an RBI over his past five games.
Reynolds: Is 4-for-19 the last six games.
Wieters: Has just two hits over his last 23 at-bats over a seven-game stretch.

When will it end and how will it end?

Maybe Brad Bergesen, a somewhat forgotten man in the O’s rotation, will pitch a great game today and the O’s will not go winless on the road trip.

Another days brings another chance to end a losing streak.

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