Luke Scott on shoulder injury: “It’s impacting my hitting”

Playing with a labrum tear in his right shoulder, Luke Scott got a cortisone ejection in that shoulder today. He hopes that allows him to begin to play pain free and put up some stats like he did last year when he was the Orioles team MVP.

“It still bothers me and subconsciously it’s a challenge to deal with. So this was an opportunity to get a cortisone shot and see how that goes,” Scott said.

He had said earlier it impacted him more with throwing than hitting, but today had to admit it has impacted all parts of his game.

“Obviously it’s impacting my hitting. I’ve had trouble turning on balls,” said Scott, who is batting .224 this season with six homers and 19 RBIs. “It’s my lead shoulder and that is most important. It’s what takes the bat to the ball. It’s not like I was last year or in the past. It’s a challenge but it happens in this game.

“I could make excuses and say I have a torn labrum and that’s why I am not hitting. I am not making any excuses. I believe I can still do a good job.”

Scott was asked if doctors have recommended he undergo surgery on the shoulder.

“It’s been an option that the doctors have said,” he said. “There are two options, surgery or no surgery. I’ve elected to not go with surgery to try and overcome this.”

Is getting this shot today as last-ditch effort to avoid surgery and play on for Scott?

“No. I have faith and believe I can overcome this obstacle,” he said. “I’m doing my part and doing everything I can possibly do. Early work, rehab, lifting what I can lift. Do my drills, everything I have control over.

“I’ll go until I can’t go. I’ll grind it out and give my best until I physically can’t do it. It is a challenge and I take what I do real seriously and this is a passion I have. I want to enjoy the fruit of my labor. This has been really difficult for me. It’s kept me up at night. I’m trying to make the best of a difficult situation and I still believe I will get back on track.”

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