Showalter’s take on the Yankees was a big hit with the fans

In case there was any misunderstanding, Orioles manager Buck Showalter made it clear today how much he enjoys beating the Yankees.

Showalter gave a most honest opinion on the subject at today’s session with season-ticket holders here at Camden Yards. He was asked by one fan what it would take for the Orioles to beat the Yankees.

“I can’t stand the Yankees, OK,” Showalter said. “That stays between us right here. I don’t really care if they know, I think they can figure it out.

“You can’t put too much focus on one club. Boston, on paper, is as good as any team in baseball. Tampa, pitching-wise, is probably as deep as anybody and Toronto may be one of the most improved clubs in baseball.

“That is why they call it the big leagues. If you play in the American League East, it’s part of the job description. I’d rather eyeball them right in front of us everyday.

“Fearful of them? Afraid to play them? I look at it as an opportunity. Once we get better, it’s going to snowball and they are going to hate coming into this ballpark, believe me.”

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