Showalter on Britton: “He needed to put that behind him”

While there has been a debate ongoing here about whether Zach Britton should be back in the minor leagues now or continuing to pitch in the Orioles’ rotation, it doesn’t sound like the club had to debate the decision that much.

Here is what Buck Showalter said today about whether the Orioles considered sending Britton back to the minors after his start in New York:

“I think it was important for him to make another start (here) after that. He needed to put that behind him. Young pitchers have a lot of time between starts to think and he’s had a constant barrage of people talking to him about what he should do, shouldn’t do.

“I thought innings two through five last night were important for him. Do you think about it (sending him out)?. We try to think about everything. But, we need to do what is best for Zach and for the organization. You look at your options and Zach by far was the best option.”

Britton gave up three runs in the first inning against Kansas City, but just one was earned due to his fielding error on a bunt. For the game, he gave up six runs (four earned) and 12 hits over 5 1/3 innings to fall to 6-9 with an ERA of 4.66.

Britton is winless over his last seven starts and has just one win over his last 14 starts since May 1. If he stays on turn, he would next be scheduled to pitch Tuesday, at Camden Yards, against the Chicago White Sox.

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