Chris Davis provides an update on his sore right shoulder

Orioles first baseman Chris Davis said his sore right shoulder feels better today and he thinks he can play tonight. He missed yesterday’s game after sleeping funny on the shoulder and developing discomfort and he underwent an MRI earlier today. The results of that are still not known and for now, Davis is not in tonight’s starting lineup.

“I got X-rayed yesterday, before the game and they didn’t really tell me anything,” Davis said before batting practice. “I feel pretty normal today. I can lift my arm over my head. There is a little stiffness when I get to the top. Hopefully they are going to say you are in great shape and we’ve never seen an arm as strong as yours.

“Yesterday, I was just really tight and stiff and the treatment obviously helped and maybe the anti-inflammatories helped. I feel pretty good today.”

Davis is 3-for-17 in his first four games with the club with a homer and three RBIs. He is 2-for-2 batting with runners in scoring position with the Orioles.

“My whole thing is, if I feel good I want to be in there,” Davis said. “The doctor told me yesterday they were probably going to have to save me from myself. I guess that means, pull the reigns back a little bit.

“Hopefully, I’ll warm it up, see how it feels and maybe throw and hit a bit (today). But I feel like I can play.”

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